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World Atlas

World Atlas

Oct 10, 2012

Sometimes, the skyways can get a little… confusing. Some skyways link to unexpected places, leaving you wondering “How did I get HERE?!” Other times, you may not be quite sure if it’s a wise idea to go ahead and bind to that left fountain or not. We’ve laid out the skyways for you, so that you know ahead of time just how far you may need to travel, and what skyways will take you where.

Different colors denotes different worlds.  A solid line means skyway connection, while a dotted lines means stormgate connection. Try clicking on the map ^_^



world atlas 2



We hope this helps you as you learn to navigate the Spiral WITHOUT the use of a world gate.

  • Daisy

    Wow, thanks for laying it out like that. I’m not so good with remembering maps and it feels like all the time that I’m asking myself “Would it be faster to go back through Skull Island first?” Now I know 🙂

    • Kestrel

      Love this!! Thanks for laying it out.

  • Bailey Skullvault/Madeline Nightengale

    I didn’t know you go to DS!Also, cool ranch is long!!!!

  • Coolster50

    Think its time you guys added AQ and MB

    • And done! 😀 Sorry it took so long >_<.