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Well Trained

Well Trained

Jul 17, 2015

With Pirate101’s summer update has come the addition of three new trainers… but not all at once. Hidden beneath a trapdoor at the very back of Devilfish lies a new lair, but you will only find one trainer there at a time. The rest will just have to wait their turn!

Devilfish Hollow is found off of Devilfish Landing, the small dock at the very back of Corsair’s Channel. Getting to the back of Devilfish Hollow is a tricky proposition. While at first there may seem to be ledges that will take you around the central areas, you’ll quickly find that these won’t actually take you around any of the tricky corners. In this case, the only way out is right through the middle!


In many cases is IS possible to dodge the mobs and get through this area safely, but possible does not mean likely. If you’re trying to avoid battles, you’ll need to pay close attention to where all of the enemies are and how they’re moving. There are generally “sentries” who will stand in one place and always look in the same direction, and there will also be “patrols”, who move back and forth across the area and look in a variety of direction. The key is to stay just out of range out the sentries’ sight, and time your quick trip across the open areas to happen when none of the patrols are looking your way. It may involve a lot of patience and for players who are higher level, it may simply be faster to just take on the enemies.


If you do get caught by the enemies, or choose to fight rather than bother trying to avoid them, here’s what you can expect to face in a typical battle.


Once you’ve safely reached the secret trainers, you’ll find that you may not get quite what you were expecting! The secret trainers rotate in to this location, with each trainer appearing for only an hour at a time. At the start of each new hour, the old trainer will disappear and the new one will take its place. They do seem to have a consistent cycle, with Lost Hoplite (the melee trainer) coming first, followed the next hour by Kurotadori (the Witchdoctor trainer), followed the next hour by Firenzian (the Musketeer trainer), and then repeating the cycle. This means that you may need to wait up to 2 hours for the trained you want to appear, depending on when you arrive, but knowing the order in which they’ll appear will help you figure out exactly what time you should return to this area in order to meet the trainer you’re hoping for.

That being said, the trainers are well worth waiting for! Each of them offer talents that can be absolutely game-changing, allowing your pirate to finally access many of the most sought-after abilities that may cause you to attack several extra time each round. Each of these skills becomes available at level 20 and costs 1 training point, regardless of class. Any class can train any of these talents, though obviously some talents will be more useful to particular classes than others. Here’s the breakdown:

Lost Hoplite, Melee Trainer




Kurotadori, Witchdoctor Trainer




Firenzian, Musketeer Trainer




These are some pretty powerful talents, especially since you can access them as low as level 20. So head on over, train these for yourself, and see what happens to your gameplay!