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Jun 24, 2015

After Ratbeard and the Waponis beat you to Captains Gunn’s treasure, it’s time to steal it back from them. There’s just one thing that’s bound to cause you some problems, and that one thing is

  • dozens
  • a tribal tradition of sacrificing people to their volcano god
  • a cheating chief
  • enchanted statues
  • an active volcano, and
  • math.

First things first! Enter the volcano and be prepared.. you’ve got a lot of battles ahead of you.

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First Battle: Lava Fish

The beginning of the path to the top actually takes you THROUGH the volcano on a precarious rocky path. There, you meet a pair of lava fish blocking your way, and you’ll have to fight your way through.


Volcano1FishThis battle is fairly straightforward. Use whatever playstyle normally works more effectively for you and you should be fine.


Second Battle: Waponis

On the next platform you’ll meet a variety of Waponi witchdoctors, slingmen, and spearmen. You may be tempted to think you can sneak past this battle, and you’ll allllmost make it… until you get pulled in from the very edge of the exit ramp. Since youcan’t avoid this battle anyway, focus your attention on taking them out one at a time. This will help you take less damage as the number of enemies decreases. You may want to defeat the witchdoctor first, as his improved mojo blast enables him to damage multiple people in your group each round.


Once you’ve defeated the Waponis, it’s time to move on to the final challenge: Waponi chief Chumbawumba!

 Final Battle: ChumbaWumba

As it turns out, Chumbawumba and the Waponis aren’t working for Ratbeard; they’ve been fooling him all along, and now have him hanging above the volcano as they sacrifice Gunn’s gold! You’ve got to save that gold…. ok, and MAYBE [sigh] Ratbeard.


The battle starts out simply enough, with a directive to defeat Chumbawumba. But for some reason, there are 3 Waponi Idols placed around the battle. Initially, you can’t do anything to these, so feel free to ignore them at the start.


Chumbawumba on his own is NOT a simple boss to defeat. He hits HARD, and both he and his Waponi minions (which vary depending on the battle but are usually slingmen, spearmen, and an occasional witchdoctor) tend to focus their attack on your pirate. You’ll want to wear gear with as much armor as you can find, and if you can’t, try to track down a piece of gear that will grant you Valor’s Shield and protect yourself right away. If your pirate does die, however, your companions can always continue the battle for you. Witchdoctors should be careful here; any attacks directed at Chumbawumba will trigger his “Witch Hunter” talent and allow him to attack you. If you attack, you’ll want to use ghostwail from a great distance away (witch hunter had a long range, but can’t reach you all the way on the otehr side of the board). Aside from that, buff up your companions and summon minions to help out.

Focus everyone’s attacks on Chumbawumba. You’ll want to finish him off quickly; companions with guaranteed critical hit powers, as well as talents like burst fire & relentless, are great here.


However, once you do managed to defeat him, something interesting happens. Chumbawumba heals himself fully, even though you’ve just defeated him! Ratbeard tells you that the only way to stop him is to destroy the Waponi idols surrounding the battle. Now that Chumbawumba has been defeated, they vulnerable. Send one unit out to destroy each idol asap; as soon as the idols are destroyed, Chumbawumba goes down for good!



While you’re up here, make sure that you don’t forget to walk past/over the Funky Bunch!

Once you’ve defeated Chumbawumba and freed Ratbeard, you can recover what’s left of Gunn’s gold. You’ll discover the chalice Captain Avery had mentioned in the remained treasure, so it’s time for another visit to his office, and a new adventure!