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The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack

Oct 15, 2012

In our post “David vs Goliath”, I discuss several reasons that your ship may be underpowered as compared to the enemies you are fighting. There are a few options to deal with this issue:




  1. Constantly upgrade to better / higher-level ship with the best parts available.
    • This requires a lot of gold.  To buy a new ship & parts, depending on ship type/class, you will need about 15k (light skiff) – 65k (galleon) gold.  You can defeat creatures / enemies to farm for gold (blah!), or defeat enemy ships in hopes ot gaining the ships parts you want as drops.
    • You may not meet the Pirate level requirement for the new ship. You can increase level by doing quests.  Some quests involve defeating enemy ships.
    • You may not meet the nautical level requirement for the new parts. The only way to gain nautical xp is to defeat enemy ships.  Instead of sinking enemy ship, you could engage in hand-to-hand combat after your ship’s health has dipped below 50%, though this method may take a while.
  2. Fight the ships anyway. Check out David vs. Goliath for some tips on how to do this sucessfully. This works if you like to solo.  It is very challenging but with some practice and patient, you can succeed.
  3. The Wolf Pack.  With a pack, you can take on much bigger prey faster, share the wealth, and be safer compare to a lone wolf.

In a wolf pack, the strongest is the alpha (i.e. leader).  When the alpha becomes weak, another will take its place.  In our case, we can use the same strategy.  (Except, of course, we don’t want to kill the alpha ship.)

  • If you have a friend with much better ship, his/her can always be the lead. If yours is the best ship by a wide margin, you will get to take the lead.
  • If you are hunting with roughly equal level friends, you can take turns to be the lead.
  • The lead ship should target a ship that is on the outskirts of the group of enemies and can easily be singled out. Otherwise, you may find that the enemy ships begin to trying a wolf pack strategy on YOU instead.
  • The lead ship will absorb the enemy’s hit/damage.  The lead ship needs to be far enough away from the enemy ship that it will not be boarded (i.e. the target circle should be orange),  since your ship’s health is likely to fall below 50%.
  • All the other ships should follow and stay slightly behind the lead ship, in the orange zone. This is so the follower doesn’t accidently board the enemy ship once it’s health drops below half.  Left click on the targeted enemy ship and start firing all cannons & spells.
  • If you are alternating which ship is the Alpha, the follower should take the opportunity to raise your ship to full health.
  • After the enemy is defeated, the lead ship quickly claims the spoil (since it is the closest one) and move to a safe distance (preferably a windline, where no one will be attacked.  The game is designed such that every ship that has fired on the enemy ship will get equal share of the loot and xp.  The actual xp gained will depend on your nautical level. Make sure that you do not simply go on to the next closest ship – this will lead to you being drawn farther and father into the circle/’pack’ of enemies, and when the defeated ship rematerializes, you will find yourself facing several at once.
  • If you are grinding for xp with evenly-leveled friends, one of the follower ships will now become the lead and look for the next target.  This will give the formerly lead ship the opportunity to heal themselves. Beware that the recently defeated ship may rematerialize soon and if your group are within its range when it rematerialize, it will start firing at someone (whoever is closest to it).
  • If someone accidentally starts the hand-to-hand combat (i.e. boarded), you will not be able to fire at the enemy ship anymore.  Once the combat is concluded, everyone will still get the loot and nautical xp.

Using this method, everyone benefits. You all receive nautical experience, and you get to blow stuff up with your friends. What more could a pirate want?  Well you could always throw in a rubber ducky with an eye patch….

(Like the flag and the song? Neso was here. :P)

In this video, both ship’s health was fine after the first fight, so we went straight into a second fight with a nearby ship. However, we were careful to choose a second ship that lead us AWAY from the pack of enemy ships rather than into it, and retreated to a safe distance after fight #2. We do not recommend taking on more than two fights in a row unless you have a very overleveled Alpha leader that can absorb the damage easily.

Enjoy your nautical leveling and ship equipment farming!

  • Scarlet

    Wow! That did work great! Went with Josh nautical leveling at the Pig Pirates in Mooshu and gained several levels. Used a Mooshu Galleon (without equipment since I am a low level Sailor). Would recommend getting the highest ship health for your level. 🙂

  • Duncan Green Thorn

    Use the Storm Lord for instant sinking of ships!

  • I’m going to have Rubber Ducky stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

    • I fail to see the problem with that 😛

  • Apollo

    Rubber Ducky, AWESOME song! Wonder why it’s not on the Top 40.

    Oh well.

    Some people have bad taste. 🙂