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The Fox and the Pirate

The Fox and the Pirate

May 1, 2013

All guides for content currently on test realm contain spoilers… if you don’t want to know what to expect, please stop reading here and go about your daily business. 😉


It’s about time for you to be reacquainted with your old friend Catbeard, but there’s only one man who can make that happen… and he’s a little preoccupied with problems of his own! If you want to get Catbeard’s lawyer on your side, you’re going to have to give him a litle hand with his personal life, in the form of  “convincing” his much-beloved nephew that hanging out with a gang of street thugs may not be the best life choice.


One of these things is not like the others....

One of these things is not like the others….


After a somewhat straightforward first fight in the dungeons of the Red Fox Lair, you run into Nigel Swidget and his gang, and it’s time to get down to business. It seems he’s gotten himself in very deep indeed; while these guys don’t cheat, they pack a POWERFUL punch and if you don’t know what you’re getting into you could find yourself in hot water. (Although after all this sewer diving, a nice hot bath doesn’t sound so bad.)

For a bit of an understanding as to what makes this fight so tricky, let’s take a quick look at the talents of the two main mobs in this fight:

Crossfire, burst fire, and double tap - that's a deadly combo.

Crossfire, burst fire, and double tap – that’s a deadly combo.

The Radical Reynards (of which there are MANY in this fight) add quick draw to the mix!

The Radical Reynards (of which there are MANY in this fight) add quick draw to the mix!

Here’s what makes this combination so lethal: this fight is jam packed. There are obstacles, enemies, and companions crammed onto the board, and you need to do some serious maneuvering  just to get everyone able to DO something! But in that situation, crossfire is a game-changer. Every time one of your companions gets anywhere near one of these enemies, their crossfire will activate. Given they the battleboard is cramped, you’ll likely end up activating the crossfire talents of multiple enemies at once. And Crossfire isn’t a single-target attack; it will hit not only the companio, who dared to come near the enemies, but anyone near him as well! After crossfire activates, it’s extremely common for their burst fire to activate as well. And once one enemy has done this, it’s time for ANOTHER enemy to do the same.

In short, every time anyone on your team moves, you are taking the lives of your self and your companions into your hands. There is, however, a ray of sunshine.


It's not MUCH of a ray of sunshine, but what do you expect when you're hanging out in the sewer?

It’s not MUCH of a ray of sunshine, but what do you expect when you’re hanging out in the sewer?

Thankfully, this is an epic fight, which means you’re allowed to hand pick your companions. Given what we now know about the perils of movement, it makes the most sense to choose all range companions; a powerful witchdoctor companion is best  as they can not only attack from a distance, but also will not activate the quick draw talent that the reynards have.

In hindsight, I would replace Rooster Cogburn with Old Scratch.

In hindsight, I would replace Rooster Cogburn with Old Scratch.


With your companions selected, you can get ready for a nice, straightforward fight….. or not. What exactly has happened here? We didn’t call on you guys!

Nobody likes a party crasher, guys.

Nobody likes a party crasher, guys.


That’s right…. a few of your companions just can’t resist the lure of battle and decide to show up anyway. There’s a very good chance that these will be melee companions, so be prepared to deal with issues caused by this. In order to make them most effective while you can, bring them into the thick of things asap and get the worst over with. After they are within striking range of the enemies, DO. NOT. MOVE. If you have a critical hit power, you’ll want to use to right away, because you may not last long enough to get another shot. Be prepared to lose these melee companions in this fight, and use their hard-hitting abilities while you still can. If you can, focus your melee units on attacking the radical reynards; the more melee damage you can do to them, the less your ranged units will need to attack (and the less the Reynard’s quick draw talents will be activated). Which enemies you take out first will depend largely on how they approach your team – focus fire and try to gang up on one at a time to thin out the herd (or in this case, the skulk) a little.


Once you’ve finished off his gang, Nigel has a change of heart.nigelswidget


Now that you’ve reunited this family, it’s time for you to have a little reunion of your own, but be forewarned: it’s not all pickled herring from here on out!