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Testing, testing

Testing, testing

Jul 17, 2015

As of July 16th, test realm is now OPEN! This update looks to contain looks of fun stuff, so let’s dive right in!

Ranked PvP

Pirates will finally be able to compete against each other for rank and glory! There are two types of ranked mathes:

  1. 1v1. In 1 v 1, you face off against 1 other player until one team is defeated.
  2. Battle Royale. In a Battle Royale, 4 pirates compete against each other. There are no teams; you have to fend off EVERYONE in an enormous, winner-take-all fight to the finish.

PvP matches are free for members. Crowns Players can buy access to matches by match, day, or season. Each PvP season will last 3 months, at which rank will be reset and you can start fresh.

There are many ranks you can achieve in PvP. You wil start as a Contender, then work your way up through the ranks up Brawler, Warrior, Gladiator, Veteran, Hero, Paragon and finally become a  Champion! The higher your rank, the more Scrip you’ll receive from battles.

Nautical Gauntlet


Starting at level 45, Pirates can see Micket Dugan to access the new Nautical gauntlet! You’ll be facing off against many rounds of level 65 ships and on-board battles, so the larger your team and the higher their level, the better off you’ll all be! Prepare yourself with your best ship equipment and get ready to collect a lot of gold and scrip!

Secret Trainers

Located in the depths of Devilfish Hollow beneath a secret trapdoor, three new trainers have appeared in the Spiral… but not at the same time! Every hour, a new trainer will appear, and many of the talents they have for you may be extremely useful. Starting at level 20, they’re well worth a visit!

kurotadoriYou can access test realm if you are a subscribing member, or if you’ve purchased more than 5000 Crowns within the past month! Check out this new content, get testing, and let KingsIsle hear your feedback!