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So ye want to be a Sailor?

So ye want to be a Sailor?

Aug 26, 2012

A note from Nesogra– This is an abridged version of my “So Ye Want to Be a Pirate?” guide. If you would like to read the complete guide in one place, please check it out here, at Pirate101 Central.

The tutorial at the start of the game will show you the basics of ship use – this guide is meant to supplement that and give you some more specific information. My goal with this guide is simple; I want to help you blow more stuff up. Explosions good.

Ships and their Equipment

Expect to spend gold, lots of gold, on this part of the game.


This is basically gear for your ship.  For traveling (or running away from battle), try to outfit your ship with the best speed boosting equipment you can.  For battle, add armor (which is cheap) and pieces with the best spells you can.

Types of Equipment

  • Anchor- increases ships heal rate
  • Armor- adds boosts for battle and protection from enemy attacks, but decreases speed and often firing rate. Armor comes in light, medium, and heavy for every ship.  I prefer medium.
  • Cannons – Every ship has cannons built in, but equipping a different one will boost their damage.
  • Figure Head- comes with a spell, usually a type of arrow.
  • Rudders- movement boosts
  • Sails- major movement boosts and speed boosting spell
  • Wheels- minor movement boosts, often comes with a (usually defensive/healing) spell
  • Summoning horn- comes with a major attack spell

 How to Get Ship Equipment

Usually, the vendor who will sell your ship will also have equipment for that ship. There will also be a vendor who sells general equipment for all ships within that faction. That being said, often the best equipment will actually be dropped by enemy ships. When you defeat another ship, sail over the crates left behind after the battle, and you may be rewarded with dropped ship parts! These are something parts that are also available from vendors, but are often equipment that cannot be found elsewhere.

Nautical Level

This is a separate level based on only ship battles.  Most pieces of equipment will require a certain nautical level to be equipped.  Getting your nautical level up is currently the greatest grind in this game, so it helps to grab a friend and go ship slaying from time to time. Please see Ellie Kat’s guide on group nautical leveling for more advice on how to do this.

Factions and classes

Each ship in the game has a faction and a class.  The faction will indicate where in the spiral the ship was made, while class is the ship’s size.  Most pieces of ship equipment will only be able to be equipped on a certain faction of ship – many are also restricted to a certain class within that faction.  For example, you can’t equip a Skull Island wheel on a MooShu ship or a galleon’s sail on a skiff.

Free ships and when to buy one

You get four ships for free from the main quest line. The first is the deathtrrr I mean excellent raft you get from Avery. The next you gain a skull island skiff pretty soon in the story line (I just wish I could keep the awesome candy-cane cupcake flag 🙁 ). Then you get the Monquistian Skiff for free right before you head to Valencia The next ship you will need to buy. Save up for either the bison skiff or bison frigate in cool ranch. After completing the cool ranch storyline you fight a very hard but very familiar foe and gain the mooshu skiff for free ^^.


Ship Combat

Most of your damage will done by spells, not by cannons. Target an enemy ship and fire once, then slowly back away to draw them away from other ships.  If you end up fighting two ships at once,  you’ll want to run for the nearest glowy ribbon thingy.  (Yes, I know they are called windlanes, but glowy ribbon thingy is much more fun to say. :p)

For much more information and advice on ship combat, please check out Ellie Kat’s “David and Goliath” guide – an abridged version is posted on this site, with the full version here on Pirate101 Central.

  • I have one small question: you mention the Skull Island frigate, the Bison skiff, and the Bison frigate. Where are these ships sold?

    • With the last build you get another ship right before Valencia so the Skull Island Frigate isn’t needed. I think the bison skiff and frigate are sold in bison village. Another ship to look into is the Marlybone Skiff from Port Regal. In general you can just stick with skiffs :).

      • Ollie

        the bison skiff is actually sold in coopers roost

  • Ollie

    I purchased some of the crowns shop equipment for the ship from the cutthroat bundle right before I got the monciquesta skiff and now that isn’t showing up when I try to equip it to my new skiff :(. Whats wrong?

    • Your backpack might be full. Try checking your bank 🙂

  • Ollie

    Now I can’t find any vendors for the mounquiquesta skiff 🙁 🙁 :(, where are they hiding?

    • You get the skiff for free right before you head to valacia. The vendor for the parts is in Puerto Mico around where the houses are (he can be a bit hard to find).

  • Ollie

    you said that you get 3 free ships, isn’t it 4? also coopers roost is the only place for the bison skid f parts right?

    • *facepalm* Oops, forgot to change that when the monquistain ship was added XD

  • Ollie

    also, where is port regal

    • Port regal is in near puerto mico, take the purple windlane to the next skyway. Be warned though…you will have to unlock the area through the main quest line and you will spend a good bit of time there. If you have to ask where it is you probably won’t have access to it yet :\.

      • Ollie

        Oh, ok.

  • Ollie

    who is the ‘very hard but very familiar foe’?

    • I’m not spoiling it 😉

  • Ollie

    is it after el toro?

  • Roberto

    Skull island ship vendor won’t let me buy skiff. I don’t even c it on the buying menu.

    • The ship vendors are spread out in the world of skull island. If you are f2p then sadly the only ship you can get is the raft. If you are not you will get the skiff for free after completing Jonah Town and Gullet. The vendor for the skiff is in Jonah Town.