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Jun 13, 2015

As we all anxiously await new Pirate101 updates, some of our mercenaries are creating new characters of classes other than the type they are typically drawn to. While we play through the existing content, we’ve found some bosses that we had not already written guides for. While we’d intended to write guides for all difficult (or unusual) bosses and dungeons, some guides were intentionally needed more than others, and it seems that some of the less problematic instances were overlooked. We intend to bring you guides to these overlooked dungeons and bosses as we stumble across them, to help give more complete advice on the game, particularly at lower level.


As a result, in the coming weeks and months you will likely see several posts that deal with content that’s already been released for a while. We’ll be writing guides as we quest through worlds, and hope to show how to deal with these bosses and dungeons at appropriate levels.


Also, since many of us are rolling characters of a class that we do not traditionally play, you may find that we approach strategy with a different mindset and have recommendations that seem fun and interesting to some players, and just plain crazy to others. What happens when you take someone who loves a buccaneer’s playstyle and have them quest a musketeer? Well, I guess we’ll find out together. 😉


We’re excited to catch up on all our guides with you, and to try out new styles of game play! We’ll see you in the Skyways!