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Prisoner of Zenda

Prisoner of Zenda

Jul 7, 2015

Once you’ve defeated Gortez in the Gold Mine, you’ll be asked to escort him back to Monquista, where he expected to be treated with great honour thanks to all of the successful conquests he led on behalf of Monquista.

Of course, expectations often differ from reality, and (as you’ve learned) Monquistans are not exactly reliable when it comes to keeping their promises.

When you arrive at Zenda, Gortez is prompty taken prisoner with the intention of executing. The letter from the Monquistan king and queen also states that you are to suffer the same fate! You’ll need to fight your way out of here… and you may find that your former prisoner becomes your most valuable new ally.

The Battle of Zenda

This battle has two objectives:

  1. Free Gortez, and
  2. Defeat All Enemies

You’ll want to free Gortez right away; as you probably remember from your recent encounter with him, he’s a heavy hitter and the battle goes a lot faster once he’s on your side!  Be warned, however; as soon as you free Gortez, two more enemies will join the battle.



This battle board is an interesting one; the enemies all start on the far right side of the board and must cross a bridge that is only 1 block wide to reach you. This creates some interesting possibilities. A musketeer (or some musketeer companions with specific powers) can place a trap or barricade on the bridge to slow the enemies down or force them to take damage.


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It also means that the enemies will all be issuing from the same spot as they try to reach you. This means that, at least at the beginning of the battle, they will be relatively close to each other. This presents some interesting possibilities. A companion like Old Scratch, whose attack naturally deals damage to up to 5 targets at once, become significantly more valuable when the enemies of clumped together. Bonnie Anne’s Scatterblast power can also prove quite useful.

Aside from focusing on AoE (Area of Effect, or group target) attacks, choose companions with talents that can go off multiple time in a round, such as burst fire/relentless, as well as bladestorm or double tap. While the warden is a buccaneer, the remaining enemies are all musketeers with return fire, so you’ll want to shy away from using too many musketeer companions.



Strategy recommendations

Our companion choices were

  1. Bonnie Anne
  2. Ratbeard
  3. Old Scratch

We choose to have whoever was closest free Gortez, to make sure he was involved in the battle as soon as possible. Since the remaining enemies will return fire, Bonnie Anne uses Scatterblast (which does not trigger Return Fire) at a time when many enemies are in range, and aside from that focuses her attention on the warden. Ratbeard, Old Scratch and your pirate then focus their attacks on the lower-health mustketeer enemies. If you are a musketeer yourself, use your powers whenever possible, as powers do not trigger their return fire.

Once you’ve defeated the warden, you’ll find that (believe it or not) many of those imprisoned are not pleased with their captors. You could be the one to give the revolution what it needs! But only time (and more questing!) will tell what you might encounter next in your adventures.