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Primate Palace

Primate Palace

Jul 13, 2015

Queen Catherine has been working on a plan to cause division among Monquista’s noble families and eventually bring down the Crown. Given the fact that the Crown just tried to trick you into handing yourself over for your own execution, you find yourself feeling surprisingly amiable to her cause and want to lend a hand. First, however, you’ll need to sneak in to the Summer Palace where she’s being held to find out exactly what this grand scheme actually is. And in order to sneak in to this stronghold, you’re going to have to steal a key to the only way in or out…. the palace sewers.

After defeating Royal Monquistan ships until you retrieve the key, you head through the sewers, which are filled with their own special kind of trouble (but nothing unusual).


Once you’re fought your way through, it’s over to the Summer Palace for a chat with the imprisoned queen, but even sneaking through the sewers isn’t a guarantee that things will go well here.

Upon entering the palace, you notice that there is a heavily guarded locked gate barring the way to the upper levels. The guards are NOT pleased to see you, but for once you don’t mind; you’ll need to battle them anyway in order to retrieve the keys to that gate!


The enemies in this battle are a mix of buccaneers and mustketeers. The musketeers have the Return Fire talent. if you have a musketeer companion with you, have that companion focus their fire on the buccaneer enemies. If you are a musketeer yourself, focus on using your powers rather than attacking with your weapon, so as to not trigger endless return fire attacks. Otherwise, treat this as a normal battle.

Once you have retrieved the key and unlocked the gate, you must sneak your way through the central garden area to reach the Queen’s courtyard. Be careful! The guards patrolling this area are watchful and will pull you into battle if given any chance.

When you reach the Queen’s courtyard you will discover Don Silvestro, the Summer Palace commander. He mounts an assault against you, but he’s not the alone.



As you can see, your battle directive at the start of the battle is simple to defeat Don Silvestro, and this is for good reason. At the end of the first round, he shouts

summerpalacesilvestroshoutwhich summons yet another minion to his side. Focus your attacks on him first, to get rid of the summoning of yet more enemies in to the battle. These enemies are slightly lower health than the others, however, and have less talents.


Focus your attention on Don Silverstro and finish him off asap. Use your critical or high-hitting attack powers if you have them. Once you’ve taken out the boss, the quest directive will change to defeat all enemies.


Complete this as a normal battle; these enemies do not have any particular troubling powers or talents, and you should be able to make quick work of them if your companions are well-leveled.


Upon completing the battle, you’ll finally get the opportunity to speak with Queen Catherine about her plots! She gives you the useful information that… she no longer has any plots. The king and queen have tracked down her allies and gotten rid of anyone who might have helped her cause. Eleanor now seems to be the only member of the opposition who is able to do anything helpful, which means it’s all up to her now. (Who are we kidding? It means it’s all up to YOU now.) Steel yourself for further battle… it looks like you’ve got a rebellion to lead!