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May 1, 2013

I dare you to try to say this 3 times very fast 😛
How many brokes can a Pembroke break if a Pembroke could break brokes ^_^

You have broken into a commander’s office in Port Regal in order to ‘liberate’ a yellow windstone. The commander isn’t going down easy though…

After all of that you think your done? NOPE! Of course the safe is still locked and you just took out the guy with the combination… >_<

Luckily there is a conveniently located armory with all the powder you need to use THE answer :P. Just a quick trip down the hall to pick up the powder will do… Of course it is NEVER that easy . Right as you are about to leave the armory guess what happens? Yep! ANOTHER BOSS! . Here comes Pembroke!

Luckily Pembroke isn’t very hard if you know what he does.

And now…. time for THE answer!