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Aug 2, 2015

Now it be time for ARRRgust! To help celebrate this auspicious month on the high sea… er, skyways, we be givin away some o’ the loot we plundered from KingsIsle!

What do ye scurvy curs have te do ter win these here prizes? Well, alls ye got ter do is use yer imagination!


NPC-ya Contest Guidelines

We be wanting to hear yer best idea for an upcoming NPC in a new Pirate101 world! Ye be getting the chance to make this all up on yer own! Think o’ what world ye might like to see next, what kind o’ landlubbers ye might be findin’ in it, and the kind o jobs or quests they might have fer ye to do. Tell us all about your the best new character ye can think of! Who (or what!) are they? What side are they on and what do they need ye to do fer ’em? What d’ya think they be talkin’ like? And o’ course, what do they look like? Draw us a quick sketch so that we can see exactly what ye be thinkin’ of! (Ye can draw with yer hands or on a computer, either way be fine with us.) Yer entry should be no more’n 200 words plus yer pictures.

How To be Enterin For The Plunder

Once ye’ve finished yer entry, ye can email it to , but we gotta get yer entries by then end o the day (that be midnight Central US time) on Arrrgust 9th! We be announcing the winners on the evening o’ Arrrgust 14th!

What Be The Loot?

We be giving away FIVE prizes! Each o the 5 winners plunder will be:

  • a Pirate101 Solar Sabre Mount, and
  • 10,000 Crowns!


So what be ye waitin’ for?! Start dreaming up yer ideas and polish up the best o’ them to share with us!

  • Ricardo

    I want to win beacuse i need to get farther in the game i am still stuck and my parents wont give me money i am sad beacyse of that??