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NPC-ya winners!

NPC-ya winners!

Aug 11, 2015

We have the winners of our Arrrgust NPC-ya contest! Check out their entries, and congrats to all who won!

Please note that we’ve done our best to verify that all ideas and artwork are original. If you have reason to believe otherwise, please contact us at .

Codes will be sent out to winners within two days!

Winner: Samuel Morris

NPC: Ed Teach
Info: Ed Teach is from the new world of Cuddlefish. (Cuddlefish is a marshland that is inhabited mostly by hermit crabs, tortoises, and the horrific mosquitoes!) He speaks with a Marleybonian accent, and has been wrongly accused of a crime. You must help him clear his name, or he will make your class teacher walk the plank! He is a ruthless otter who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.



Winner: Alexander Nightingale

NPC: “The Trout”
Info: An NPC I imagine we meet one day is a hooded young fellow they call the trout, because wherever he goes he leaves behind the head of a single trout. This young fellow was set off to live on the streets when his mother was kidnapped by an infamous group of pirates during the polarian war. He was left to live alone knowing his father the most ruthless, smartest, and strategic man was captured by his enemies. Thats right this hooded fellow was the son of no other than NAPOLGEUIN. Unwanted by his father, his mother and him were banished from the castle and set to ive in a ghetto. You set out to find him because you need someone smart, cunning, and stragic to sneak into the royal castle and retrieve A PIECE OF THE PIECE of El doardos map. Thats right, Napolgeuin split his piece in half.

thetrout1 thetroutmap


Winner: Viruous Ann Radcliffe

NPC: Elisabeta di Dormise
Info: Following the latest lead regarding a Valencian opera company, our pirate enters Alcesia, a Polarian territory ‘liberated’ by the Armada. The director will help sneak you into Valencia – for a price. After you work to pay off his demands, you are brought to the company’s costumier, Elisabeta du Dormise, a Guinea Pig: “Armando says you are to be joining the opera company in a background role? Serenissima Spiral, you are too short for the Unicorn costumes and too skinny for the Guinea Pig ones! Artistic directors, they think I can create whatever they want whenever they want it! I will make your costume, but in the meantime you can fetch me some supplies. I need lace. The best lace available is from Polaris, but the Polarian smugglers want far too much. They make their base at a tavern near the docks. Go convince them to be… reasonable.”
Once that is done: Bene. But I am low on hoop steel. The Armada commanders all steel these days. How am I to make farthingales and other underpinnings? The Armada supply ships have plenty of steel suitable for hoops. I am sure they won’t miss a small amount retrieved from their cargos…”



Winner: Grimtooth Sushi

NPC: Zoey Roo
Info: Zoey Roo is a local trading post merchant within the clustered establishment known as Marooner’s port. Marooner’s port is one of the many elaborate digs for scurvy folk built underground below a treacherous outback filled world with all sorts of beasties. Originally the barren beast filled wasteland was a popular drop off place for unwanted crew member’s and prisoners, but it soon grew into a lively place of business for the scoundrels. Unfortunately for miss Roo, some of her outgoing merchandise was h’jacked by a pack of nasty critters from up above and she needs the help of a young dashingly brave pirate.

Zoey Roo: “G’day Mate! I’ve got myself a wee bit of an issue, mind lending me your assistance? The reward is quite a prize, so pirate watcha say?”


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Winner: Michael Walker

NPC: Andrew
Info: Andrew is in the new world of Arcania. He is one of the king’s servants and helps you find who stole the king’s crown. This Npc was originally born in Mooshu but travelled to Arcania on a scholarship. After a few years in school the king saw his potential and recruited his as one of his servant. Little does the king know Andrew also has a dark side which has yet to be discovered…


Congrats to all the winners!

  • Cool, I love the Aussie one, I would like to use her in my fan fiction, or just the place at least.