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No Bones About It

No Bones About It

Jun 30, 2015

After recovering the remainder of Gunn’s Gold and turning the chalive over to Captain Avery, you will unlock a new side quest. Pay a visit to Captain Charlie Kennit on the docks of Flotsam and he will tell you that he is concerned for his nephew, Jack, who was supposed to arrive a week ago on the ship Octavius, but neither he nor the ship has been seen since leaving Jonahtown.

You head off towards Jonahtown… but there’s no need to go that far. En route, you stumble across the wreck of the Octavius just outside the Ruined Lighthouse. You head to the beach to see if you can find Jack, but quickly find out that this is no simple recovery.

You find Jack hidden in Shady Hollow, but he is guarded by a zombie hoarde, and those zombies insist that you should join them. They don’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer, either.



After defeating the zombies (watch out, often one will respawn immediately after the battle!), you speak with Jack who tells you that his ship was defeated by a black ship with red sails, full of undead warriors. His arm was cut in the battle, and now he’s becoming unnaturally cold. You take him back to his uncle, who recognizes the description of the ship named “Grim Reaver” and sends you on a journey to speak with many throughout the Skyways, where you learn that any cut by the undead are doomed to become one of them… but there may be a way to defeat them. Madame Vadima can help you reach their lair so you can battle the source of the problem, but she’s going to need your help first.

You’ll need to recover some sacred water from the serpent pool hidden in the depths of the Ancient Tunnels, and [surprise!] this water isn’t unprotected. There are no cheats in this fight, but the zombies tend to block frequently and have riposte as a talent, so you may do well using ranged companions whenever possible.


All enemies in this battle have the same health and talents.

After recovering the sacred water, Vadima will make you a talisman that will enable you to reach The Grim Reaver. She will need three things touched by death:

  1. Bone shards from those defeated by the Reaver, which you can find on the undead ships near the Ruined Lighthouse
  2. Gloomfog from the skies in Flotsam
  3. Gravesoil from those buried near in the hills near the Ruined Lighthouse.

The first challenge in the most daunting; at this level, Ghost Ships can be difficult to defeat. Check your ship gear, and if you’ve got some spare gold, you may want to take a trip to Scrimshaw to upgrade to a ship with more health and power (if you haven’t already replaced your parent’s skiff). You’ll want a new ship for the battles in Tradewinds Skyway anyway, so might as well make the investment now and save yourself some trouble here.


An investment in a new ship will save you a lot of trouble, not only battling the Ghost Ships but also when you take on other ships in the Tradewinds Skyway.

Upon retrieving all of these items for Vadima, she prepares your talisman and tells you to defeat Bobby Bones in Perdition’s Tempest just outside Flotsam. Wait, we should go to WHAT just outside of Flotsam? You were just there defeating Ghost Ships and could have sworn there was nothing suspiscious there…


What the… where did that Vortex COME from?!


Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones and all of his minions are buccaneers, so be prepared to face some hand to hand combat here!




Notice that the battle directive here is not to defeat all enemies, but only to defeat Bobby Bones. All of his minions will have the same talents, but their health may vary slightly. Overall, because their talents are designed to respond to melee attacks, your best bet in this battle is to use as many ranged companions as possible. (A ranged companion is one who can attack form a distance, such as a mustketeer or witchdoctor.) If you only have Bonnie Ann and Old Scratch for ranged companions, you’ll want your third companion to be a melee companion who will hit hard and fast. Since Bobby Bones is usually the first enemy to move in this battle, a companion with first strike may be useful for getting near him, drawing his attention, and then hitting him first. (Don’t get TOO near or you’ll activate his repel boarders; get closer than the other companions, but allow him to approach you.) Overall, companions with guaranteed critical skills are great, especially if that is in combination with double tap or bladestorm (since criticals will activate the double tap/bladestorm talent). Companions with burst fire or relentless are also excellent, since they have a shot at hitting the boss multiple times in a single turn.


In addition to the regular battle, Bobby Bones will cheat. At the end of each round, he will summon a new minion to join the battle! These minions will always have th same health and talents. They appear on the far left side of the battle board, and approach your team to attack you from behind.



These guys don’t have particular high health, but don’t waste your time going after them! Focus your attention on Bobby, and only Bobby. These guys will keep coming until you finish him off, so the best way to get rid of them is to defeat the boss! Once you have defeated Bobby Bones, the rest of the warriors will disappear instantly, and Old Scratch tells you that he can feel their spirits finding peace at last. Head on over to the Flotsam docks to bring the remains of Bobby Bones to Jack, and he will be cured! Jack and and his Uncle Charlie are reunited at last, leaving Jack to ponder if piracy is really what he wants to do with his life, and leaving you to wonder if YOU know exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into, either.


Of the three of us, Jack may actually be the wisest right now.