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Musketeer Overview

Musketeer Overview

Oct 1, 2012

The Musketeer is one the ranged classes of Pirate101. Their strength is hiding behind their companions and hitting the opponents from a safe distance. Musketeers have the unique ability to use weapons catered to their class that can be either physical OR magical in nature, though there tends to be more magical weapons in sparkshooters. Unlike the other ranged class (Witch Doctor), Musketeers have the special ability to set traps, as well as block enemies on the battleboard.


Decisions at the Beginning

At the beginning of the game, you are imprisoned in an Armada jail and broken out by Boochbeard. You go through the standard character creation (appearance, name, clothing, flag design), and then you will be given the opportunity to develop your backstory. The first question determines a specific companion you will get as you level your character. The next two questions are more important as they will determine specific stat boosts for your character that cannot be changed or gained elsewhere.

The first of those two questions will determine where you grew up. There are options from many worlds of the spiral. Each specific world has a stat boost attributed to it, based on what the perceived strength of that world is. You will get the options of a boost to accuracy, weapons damage, health, dodge, and the spooky stat. For musketeer I would recommend either accuracy or damage. To increase accuracy, choose Marleybone; for a damage increase, choose Mooshu. Both will give you 5% boosts to their stat.

The next question determines your class. You are presented with five options of how you were captured by the Armada. In order to be a Musketeer, you must choose the “smuggling” option.

Thankfully the quiz leaves no doubt about which choice you’re making. The puppet shows that accompany each class option are worth taking to the time to watch, even if they’re not your final choice.

General Musketeer Advice

Musketeers are not head on fighters. Instead of going face to face, they have a range for their attacks. In order for you to have range, you must have a weapon equipped. In Pirate101, your weapon is your main attack and your most important piece of gear. You may not need to frequently search out and upgrade to better clothing, but upgrading your weapon whenever possible is a must. You will get weapons from quests, but buying new ones can be efficient – the time between quest reward can be long, leaving you underpowered. In each new area you gain access to, take the time to check for a weapons vendor and see if there may be a better weapon available to you.

Weapons have an attack range of either 3, 4, or 5. You will also get a talent called Sniper early on which adds 1 to your attack range. Because you have ranged attacks, you shouldn’t move right up to your enemies to battle face to face. Doing that not only defeats the purpose of the class, it gets in the way of other melee players and companions who NEED to be close to the enemies in order to attack. It can get frustrating for melee players (such as buccaneer or swashbuckler) when they cannot attack an enemy because a ranged player is in their way when they don’t need to be. A musketeer should stand behind his companions and hit away without being targeted.


Musketeeer Talents and Powers

Double Tap

This is a talent that allows you (or a companion with this talent, such as Bonnie Ann) to attack another enemy in range when that unit defeats an enemy. Try to set a kill up so that you or a companion with Double Tap gets to defeat the enemy and gain a free attack.

Quick Draw

This talent allows you to make an attack against an ranged enemy before they attack you. This is a good counter for those ranged enemies that have multiple talents that can hurt you as a Musketeer. Note: You cannot Quick Draw a Quick Draw, otherwise you would be stuck on an endless Quick Draw cycle.

The above are the talents that a musketeer PIRATE will gain. There are many other talents that you may be able to choose from for your musketeer companion – you can find information on them in our Crew’s Got Talent post.

Musketeers can be vunerable if enemies get the chance to surround and hit them. They have special powers to prevent it:


In order to get in as many hits as possible before the enemy starts to close in, Musketeers can set their opponents up to be attacked should they approach. Traps do not slow them down, but they do damage them, and will prevent them getting close entirely if the attack is strong enough to kill. Traps can be placed anywhere on the board, so they are handyfor when the enemy is well out of range but you know they will be approaching. Traps initially cover only a single space, but later on can blanket a larger area, such as X pattern. Traps can be difficult to master and use appropriately; don’t use them on a wide open battle board, the enemy will often just walk around them. Instead, try to position them them when a battle board id full and the enemy has to walk across them to get to you.

That’s gonna leave a mark.



Obstacles that you can place are just like the naturally occuring obstacles that appear on the battleboard.  If traps are situational, obstacles are extremely situational. They allow you to slow or completely cut off the flow of melee enemies towards your group, but also prevent any of your own melee companions from gaining access to other parts of the battle board. An obstacle on a wide open board is nearly pointless; an obstacle encompasses only one square, and so the enemies can simply walk around it.


Musketeers also possess abilities to slow their enemies. Slowing powers last for either five or ten turns and slow either one or two spaces a turn.

Multi-Space Hits (AoEs)

Musketeers possess a few powers which enable them to hit anything within multiple spaces on the same turn, also known as AoEs (Area of Effect) or ‘group attacks’. Please note that powers can only be used once.

“Shot” Powers

Musketeers learn three “shot” powers. All of these hit in a plus pattern. The first is Incindinary Shot. The damage is calculated based on your normal weapons damage range. The next is Bonfire Shot – the damage from this power is also calculated from your weapon’s damage range, but even though the description states “1x damage”, but hits for more than that (we suspect the damage listed may be corrected to show 1.5x damage). The last of these is the powerful- Inferno Shot. This hits for 2x your damage range. You can think of it as a guaranteed critical hit on a group.

Rain of Mortarshells/Cannoballs

Both of these powers list the same desciption: 1x damage and scatters bomb traps. Again, 1x damage means it will hit for approximately your current weapons damage range. However, Bomb traps, unlike your other traps, typically deal damage that is half of your damage range. Both of these powers hit in a 3×3 square. The diffrence between the two is that Rain of Cannonballs, the upgraded version of Mortarshells, hits 1x damage around 3 times instead of only once.

And to think you were carrying those along with you all this time.

“Round” Powers

Another type of AoEs that Musketeers possess is know as “Round” powers. These are very similar to the shot powers, but hit in an X pattern.

Area of Blast powers

Yes, another AoE for Mukseteers! This power, however is a bit different. Like the others, this power deals 1x damage, however, that damage extends out in a triangular direction. The damage will extend as far as your range is capable of, regardless of whether or not the object is in your line of sight. Here is an example: One square away hits one space vertically or horizontally, two spaces away hits two spaces vertically or horizontally and so forth.

Bonnie Anne, selecting an Area of Blast power.

Stat-Boosting Talents

Some talents you learn from your trainer will boost your stats. Musketeers follow a few certain trees of stats.


Musketeers will learn 3 levels of the Accurate stat tree. In total it equates to a 10 boost to accuracy. Accuracy is directly offset by an opponent’s dodge stat.

Shooty Weapons

This provides damage to shooty weapons. As a Musketeer, you should use shooty weapons to take advantage of this stat as well your gear boosts. This provides +20 damage boost to shooty weapons. This is not 20% – it’s 20 damage directly added on to your attack.

Practice Points

For all classes, we recommend spending at least once practice point to get the initial minor heal, “rouse”, from the privateer trainer. Beyond that, you may choose to spend more points in the privateer class to reach the second heal, a minir group heal – this will, however, use up many of your practice points. You may find training light armor from the Swashbuckler training to be beneficial – this will allow you to use more of the drops you get, which in many cases may help you increase your resistance (particularly to physical attacks).


Companions are a huge part of this game. A Musketeer is more fragile than Buccaneer, it is a fact. Due to that, you don’t want melee units to get to you. There are a few companion strategies you can attempt to employ. Note: Your companion draw will vary from fight to fight, but you can increase your chances to receive a certain type of companion by moving them up in your companion line-up. For more info on how to do that, read our post on companion management here.

All Melee

The goal of this method is to create a wall of companions to grant you the ability to hide behind this wall and hit without the worry of having enemies seek you out and hit away at you. The major drawback is when you encounter melee enemies with certain epic talents such as first strike, vengeance strike, etc. This can cause your companions to be attacked frequently. Once you know which enemies have which talents, you can alter your companion line-up accordingly. If you want to try this method, move all of your melee companions to the front of your line so that you have the best chance to get them in combat.

All Ranged

This comanion strategy allows you to hit enemies many times before they get to you. The drawback can be twofold. First, you are quite vunerable if  melee units close in on you. The second drawback is that ranged units can frequently trigger each others epic talents, just as melee units could in the example listed above.


Personally I think this is the best.  No matter how much control you can exert over your companions, you will most often end up with a mixed build anyway despite your effort.  The great benefit is the balance of your crew – some epic attacks may be triggered against some companions, but others will be fine. This allows you a fliexibility from fight to fight that will allow you to have a whole lot of fun, explore your companions better, and get a feel for what works for you personally. There aren’t really any drawbacks for this companion build – it’s fun, it’s balanced, and you get to enjoy the game more fully.


Overall, musketeer is a fantastic class. We can be a bit fragile at time, but the power and sheer volume of our group attacks make it a lot of fun to play, and great for defeating large groups of enemies. If you like group play, we’d recommend you give this class a shot!


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