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Mercenaries101’s Arrrgust Companion101 Contest!

Mercenaries101’s Arrrgust Companion101 Contest!

Aug 6, 2013

Companions are a big part of Pirate101. They are by you for every fight and you can even promote some. Some of us have our favorites (Bonnie Anne!) and the ones we wish never existed (Batacuda).  However, we all have that one dream companion that does not exist. That is where this contest comes in!

Your goal is to create ONE dream companion not currently in game. There are some guidelines, however.

1) Creativity – This companion should be imaginative. Do not copy other people’s entries or current companions. (NOTE: If you want to use a character that is in the game but not currently a companion, you may do so).

2) “Overpoweredness” – This companion should be realistic. Do not make this companion super overpowered (For example, the maximum companion level is in the high 60s, so don’t make your creation over levelled).

3) Pictures – For this contest, a picture of your companion IS required. We’d love to see what it looks like!

4) Talents – Of course! We want to see what kind of epics this companion will get! (Regular talents are not required, but if you wish to add them, that is fine). You can even come up with your own new epics. 😉

5) If you have a question about the rules, please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time, we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

This contest will begin on the 6th of August (Today!), and end on the 20th of August. That gives you 2 weeks to come up with the idea, get the picture and talents done, and post it into this thread in Pirate101 Central or email your entry to us at

And now.. PRIZES!

1st place will receive 1 random Class House, a Pack O’ Porters, and 10k Crowns!
2nd – 5th will receive a Pack O’ Porters and 5k crowns!
10 random entries will also win 2,500 crowns!

Thanks to KingsIsle and the ever awesome One-Eyed Jack for providing the prize codes! Arrr!

Good luck! We can’t wait to see all the cool ideas. 🙂

  • Ainsworth

    Actually companions can be 68 so…….

    • I’ve personally never seen a 68 companion, but I can imagine it might have happened a time or two. 🙂 Regardless, our intent was to say don’t give yourself a level 90 companion, lol. Feel free to talk us through what new powers your companion would gain as it levels as well!

  • Matthew

    yes its possible my lvl 64 got a lvl 67 eagle archer

  • Victoria FireFlame

    Is there a such thing called ymail or did you mean gmail?

    • We meant ymail. It is not a typo. 🙂

  • alissya

    If we can’t draw them can create on the internet?

    • That should be fine. 🙂

  • Mackenzie Bartel

    Hello, M4C!
    I don’t know if you’ve already taken a look at some of the entries, but I’ve already submitted mine and sent a few emails after it. It turns out that, for some reason, my picture didn’t upload properly into the emails. I tried sending it three times and it didn’t work. I attached my picture to one of my emails and I was just wondering if you would be able to open my attachment? If not, I wont have a picture, which means I’m disqualified from the contest. I would really hate to be disqualified on a technicality. Thank you for your time and patience.

    • Mackenzie Bartel

      Also, do you guys plan on replying to the emails? Giving us feedback?

    • Hi, we got your entry. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Thomas

    Do you just need photo and talents, or do you need background, possibly real world inspiration, maybe where/how they would be acquired?

    • We don’t REQUIRE the inspiration and background/recruitment scenarios, but we have been known to show appreciation for interesting and well-done details like that when judging entries.

  • So we can come up with a character not seen in pirate101?

    What about wizard 101?

    • You can some up with any sort of charater, whether it be from either game or just frm your imagination. Good luck!

  • Sparkblade 14

    Thank you so much for holding this contest! I sent in an email entry and was just wondering if there was a confirmation that you received it.

    • Hi! No sorry there wasn’t one, but we got Jake 😀

  • Frogge

    So I sent my picture, then realized it is a .xcf file because I used gimp. should I resend it in a converted form?

    • Hi! I saw that and converted your picture to a .png file and sent it to us. 🙂 No worries we got it! 😀

  • Coolster50

    Just sent in my entry. Did you get the picture? (It came out a little too bright)

  • Golden Harmony Dove

    Just wondering if you got my entry. I sent it a few minutes ago.

  • I’m making my companion come from a future world. Can I make the level higher than sixty?

    Also at what time does the contest close on the 20th?

  • Johnny Ringo

    Hey did you get mine? (it was called Salma Ali)

    I’ll enjoy seeing all the creative ideas!

    • Hi! We got it. 🙂 The contest closes at midnight tonight Central US time.

  • Johnny Ringo

    Hey did you get mine? (it was called Salma Ali) I sent to your email. I would hate to be disqualified simply because you didn’t get it.

    I’ll enjoy seeing all the creative ideas!

  • Mackenzie Bartel

    Hey, just a few quick questions: When and where are you gonna announce the winners?
    Also, will we be able to see the submissions of all the winners?
    Thank You!

  • Frogge

    I don’t want to be the impatient one, but any ideas on when winners will be announced?

  • Coolster50

    Quick Question: When will the winners be announced?

  • Loyal Sean

    Hey there! I saw that the winners were posted and I have a quick question. Did all of the e-mailed entries have an equal chance of winning? Asking this because all (I think) of the winners were posted via

    Thanks so much, and I am VERY grateful that I received 2.5k Crowns from the random draw. Took me a while to write a 30 page entry so I am glad I at least won something, lol.

  • Riddle

    When do you announce the winners?

  • Winners are announced. All entries had an equal chance of winning. 🙂 It was tough judging! 😀

  • Riddle

    where are the winners announced? I didn’t get an email. Does that mean i didn’t win anything?

  • I.M. Meen

    Well I’m Tardy for the party! I have made some good characters on “Garry’s Mod” using Fin Dorsal as a “frame”. If you want to know more go ahead and reply! (No bribe =)

    “You may have outsmarted me this time but I’ll be back! I.M. Meen Never Quits! YOU WILL SEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!