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I smell something Swashy

I smell something Swashy

Aug 20, 2014

As you may have read in the update notes dealing damage to a hidden enemy will no longer remove hidden.  Now before you sneaky swashbucklers celebrate you should know something, you stink.  You stink SO much that more perceptive pirates and pets can track you through your stench alone rendering your fancy stealth tricks completely useless.  Yes today we are talking about the talent scent.



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Scent gives pirates the ability to sniff out sneaky enemies.  This ability can be gained by farming for Fin’s Goggles in the first Fin fight.  How exactly does it work?

Specifics from testing:

  • When the hidden unit moves within range of the scent unit hidden will be removed.
  • When the scent unit moves to the of hidden unit hidden will not be removed.
  • If hidden is applied while in range of the scent unit hidden will not be removed.

My recommendation at this point is to treat it as a defensive epic like hold the line and if possible place your pirate between your companions and the enemy with hidden so they have to pass you to get to your companions.  My other recommendation, if you want to be more stealthy and for the sake of your crew swashbucklers…. GO TAKE A BATH!!

  • djibril

    Just because you reavele hidden enemies, so that is from 1 square scent is useless. and i’ve been farming for scent, sence im a swash. I never find it. there is no gear in this game yet that gives scent. and fin goggles are deleted

  • djibril

    swashes are the best class what so ever, what stinks are musketeers a swash will rekt a musketeer no kiding.before swashbucklers were a little bad now. because scent. but ttheir bosses now because of moomanchu tower.