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How do Hoodo

How do Hoodo

Jun 17, 2015

One of Captain Gunn’s clues leads you straight to the Hoodoo House near the Ruined Lighthouse. You’re looking for the grave of his loyal first mate… but you may find more than you bargained for! You’ve finally tracked down Ned’s grave, but he’s not alone. Hoards of undead stand between you and the next clue, and the only to get there is through the angry mob.


First battle

The first battle begins with 4 enemies, a combination of skeletal pirates and zombies, ranging anywhere from 98 to 148 health. The board is quite open, save for two tombstones that look rather innocuous…. but looks can be deceiving.


The enemies in this battle all have similar talents; the only real difference is their health.



Each of the two tombstones in this battle mark the grave of a skeletal warrior, and those warrior are not happy to be disturbed by your battle. At the end of round 2, the lower tombstone will summon it’s occupant to the surface for battle. At the end of round 3, the uppoer tombstone will do the same. There does not seem to be any way to stop this summons, even if you destroy the tombstones. Feel free to get the tombstones anyway, but your best bet is to take the enemies out quickly.


Skeletons summoned by the tombstones will always have 120 health and the same talents.

Once you’ve defeated the mob of undead, it’s time to face the REAL problem, Old Scratch. There are wisps all around after this battle, so make sure to stock up on health if you need it!

Second Battle: Old Scratch!

Old Scratch can pack a punch, especially if you’re a witchdoctor. His witch hunter talent will allow his to return attacks upon any witchdoctor who dares hit him. As well, his improved mojo blast allow him to attack groups of people at a time. The board for this battle can also be difficult to work with: the far side of the board where the enemies initially spot is difficult to access, being blocked off by all but one square’s width at the bottom and two square’s width at the top. It only gets more packed at the end of turn three, when Old Scratch summons three more minions to help out his cause. While these new guys don’t have high health, they can hit HARD if you don’t take them out quickly.


The battle can get clogged up very quickly with so few access point between one side and the other.


The man himself! Or should it be the skeleton himself?


Bones McCoy. He may look scary, but don’t let that fool you. Dangit, Jim, he’s a doctor, not a pirate!



This brute and two of his friends are summoned at the end of round 3. They have low health, and you’ll want to use that to your advantage. Take them out fast, because they can hit hard when they want to.

Make sure to take note of the battle objective! You don’t need to finish off all these enemies; you need only defeat Old Scratch.

If you are a witchdoctor, you’re of the most use here when you buff up your companions and work on taking out the mobs to help out with the quickly-filling board. Additionally, you can feel free to use Ghostwail and Soul Reaver to the battle, as long as you make sure to stay well out of Old Scratch’s range when you are attacking.

Musketeer companions are a great choice here. Because they can attack from a distance, they can hurt Scratch without getting stuck in the access points near the top and bottom of the board. Buff them up as you can, and send any melee companions (or yourself, if you are a melee pirate) in to the fray while your musketeers attack from behind. If possible, try to keep your units slightly separated so that Old Scratch’s mojo blast will not hit too many of your team at the same time.

Oh sure, NOW you're on our side.

Oh sure, NOW you’re on our side.

Once you’ve defeated Scratch, he will not only join your crew, but take you to Honest Ned’s grave, where you’ll recover the next clue to Captain Gunn’s treasure. Good luck as you continue your quest! With Old Scratch now by your side, you never know quite what may be in store…