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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Jun 13, 2013

Musketeer can be a fantastically fun class to play at higher levels; it can also, however, be a tricky one to master. We’ve got a lot of powers that can have a lot of side effects, and finding a method within the chaos of so many options can be difficult. With that in mind,  welcome to my PvE guide to Musketeers! This guide is aimed at high level musketeers looking to improve their game in PvE, starting in late Mooshu through Aquila. I hope to help you try some new things and find some techniques that may be useful to you as you take on enemies with increasing firepower.


This guide will be split into 3 sections;

  1. Powers/Gear
  2. Companion Arrangement/Training
  3. Strategies for battle


Powers and Gear

Let’s start off with power organization. The first step to organizing your powers is to create a “discard pile” of sorts. Alex Deathflame does a pretty good job at summing this up for us.


“1-5 are worthless powers, powers that I want to get rid of as soon as I can. So those are the discard-able powers, with Gunnery being mostly used on first turn only.”


The basic idea of this is to take your first row of powers, and put in powers that you don’t want to use (you can also put gunnery near the front if you have it, though I tend not to).

Musk Guide1


The 4 powers that I like to keep in front to discard are the following:


Powder Monkey’s Palisade- This power is virtually useless in its current state. It summons a single barrel and the amount of damage it does is almost nothing. It won’t be helpful in any situation

Claw Trap- This trap along with the Bear Trap summons a single trap. While they can hit for a little damage, they are just too easily avoided to be worth the turn.

Bear Trap- See above

Wind Spirit- Wind spirit is the weaker of Musketeer’s buffs. It only boosts 50% agility, and only for 5 turns. By the time you get your other buffs up, this one will be almost gone already. It’s easier to discard and use some of your stronger buffs.


Here is the general arrangement of the rest of my powers. Buffs are the key to success so you want them in the very front. behind your discard pile. We’ll go more in depth about buffs a little farther in.

Musk Guide2 Musk Guide3


Following the buffs you want to place your bomb powers and then your stronger attack powers.

Now that we have gone over a general power arrangement, it’s time to get some gear that will help you with both your stats and your powers. The no auction farmable gear is so much better than what you can buy at the bazaar that I can only recommend getting out there and farming for these; it’ll bring some extra gold your way in the meantime and make a HUGE difference to what options you have available to you in gameplay.

Extra heals can make an enormous difference in a tough battle. You can get heals off of rings, tokens, and charms, dropped from Mooshu bosses like Shan Hong. These are highly recommended for tough situations. Sparquebus Stone and Southern Djinn’s Ring can both be found at Shan Hong.

Musk Guide Ring Musk Guide Sparquebus

An extra buff is also quite helpful in battle. You can get this in the form of Great Juju. I like to use this robe dropped by Bishop.

Musk Guide Robe

This is my favorite hat, also dropped by Bishop. It’s got helpful stats, and some extra attack power that can prove quite useful.

Musk Guide Hat

For a little extra attack power, some added dodge, and an extra power, I highly recommend these boots dropped by Friar Sand. This extra attack can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Musk Guide Boots

Now you should be fine just using quest reward weapons, but if you want a little more insurance, I suggest farming the Dragoon Autocannon from the second fight in the Wreck of the Victory Dungeon.

Musk Guide Cannon


Now that we have our powers set up, let’s move on to companions.



It’s hard to express just how important your companions  are when battling. They fight your battles for you; without them you are nothing. This section will teach you which companions are the most beneficial and how to train them properly.

I’ll start by displaying my first page of companions. Crowns companions are not necessary, but they are helpful.

Musk Guide4

My first piece of advice is to put El Toro at the front of your list. His accuracy & dodge buff makes the battles much easier for you. Bonnie Anne and some of your other stronger Swashbuckler/Musketeer companions should also go near the top of this list.

There are 2 things you can train on companions:

Talents and Epic Talents

Talents are a very important aspect when training companions and are often overlooked. When I first get a companion, I immediately max out their accuracy and dodge, as they are the most important stats.

The next stat to max out is their attack booster. In Witchdoctors and Privateers this would be will. In Musketeers and Swashbucklers, this is Agility. In Buccaneers, this is Strength.

This can do a few things. Let’s use Agility as an example. In a Swashbuckler companion or a Musketeer companion, Agility will boost their damage slightly. It will also increase the chance of certain epics triggering like Burst Fire or Relentless.

The other talents you choose should be a mix of damage, health, and armor/resist.

Epic talents are also extremely important. I have a few favorites when it comes to epics. For melee companions it is Relentless, Riposte, and First Strike. In Musketeers it is Burst Fire and Overwatch.

An example of a preferred talent set would be something like what I have on El Toro. First Strike, Relentless 2, and Riposte. Also pay attention to the talents I have trained on him.

Musk Guide5


For a Musketeer companion like Bonnie Anne, I would recommend Burst Fire 2 or 3 (depending on what promotion she is on) and Overwatch.

Train your companions to hit hard and hit often, and you are on your way to success.



You now have a decent set of powers and companions, but now you need to put them to use with some strategizing.

When fighting, buffs are the key. This is where Musketeers excel. As Musketeers, we can learn multiple Agility buffs which become quite useful in battle.

When the battle first starts, discard your powers from your “discard pile” we talked about earlier. Then begin using your buffs.

Do not send your companions into battle until they are adequately buffed.

An adequately buffed companion usually consists of one or two buffs + El Toro’s buff.

The best way to carry out your battle is to start buffing and let the enemy come to you. It gives you time to power up your companions, and also prevents triggering any of the enemy’s epic talent that may fire when you are the one to approach them.

Ranged enemies are usually the biggest annoyance for mustketeers and should be taken out first. The melee ones should trigger your melee companion’s epics during the enemy round so you don’t have to worry about them until you finish off the ranged ones.

 Try to keep your companions relatively close to each other. Don’t split them off unless there isn’t much danger of them getting teamed up on and defeated.

Once your companions are fighting the enemy, this is when you start attacking and bombing with your Musketeer. This will maximize damage and defeat the enemy more efficiently. By keeping your companions stuck together, you’ve also forced the enemy to stick close to each if they want to attack, which will allow you to hit more of them with your (now very buffed) powers.


I hope this guide helps your Musketeer to succeed on the battlefield! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments; I’m happy to help in any way I can.


  • Clever Charles Vries

    Just wondering what the advantage is to putting your discard powers at the front of your list rather than the end. It seems if you put them at the end they are less likely to show up to begin with giving you a greater chance of powers you actually want to use showing up on your turn and you can still discard them if and when they do appear. Am I missing some advantage to doing it your way?

  • Two-Faced Jordan

    Honestly, this is very dated. But the nice thing about Musketeers is the variability in play-styles. I play completely different to the way you described as “necessary for success” and I haven’t had any problems getting through Aquila (even solo)