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Jun 29, 2012

Please note that We are NOT looking to add new members at this time. In future and the game and its membership grows, we may need to add more members, but for the time being we are adequately staffed.

That being said, we anticipate that our recruitment process will be much the same as our current process in Wizard101, which is as follows.

Most new Mercenaries will be recruited from the ranks of the Friends to M4C (F2M4C). We are not looking to expand the group to a large number – we are a small, very close group. That said, we will only recruit new members for the group when we internally feel there is a need to add Mercenaries. This typically will occur when current Mercs go inactive, or when new content is released. When this time comes, we will look to those whom we have seen in action and whose skills we are confident in – these are usually F2M4C who frequently join us for requests.

This is collective recruiting process. All active Mercs collaborate and discuss internally who we feel would be a good fit for the team. Please do not contact the Mercenaries asking to be a part of the group. We do not have a recruitment form or take applications – we simply get to know people who help out regularly and reach out to candidates that we are interested in adding to the team. It will be a much better experience for everyone involved if we are persuing you to be a member of the team, rather than the other way around.

Guidelines for Potential Mercenaries

You must be an active member of the game and the community. You cannot help others effectively if you’re not involved and checking the threads.

You must be patient, and you must genuinely want to help other pirates learn. Many people that we deal with are impatient and do not wish to listen – it takes patience to work with them sometimes.

You must have either limited or open chat. Menu chat unfortunately does not allow you communicate effectively enough at cheat bosses, or enable you to explain certain strategies and the reasons behind them.

You must be dependable. If you schedule a run, be there, and if you need to cancel, do your best to make other arrangements. This is just part of respecting other people and their time.

You must have good gaming skills. You need to be able to handle bringing a less experienced pirate through a cheat dungeon, while not only choosing your own spells but educating them on their own spell choice and the reasons behind it.

If you are not actively part of a recruitment process, please do not be offended. Recruiting only happens a few times a year, and there are MANY players that we consider but do not ultimately add to the team. These people are usually kept in mind as possible future additions.

We don’t want to see others with the goal of becoming a mercenary – we simply want to see people enjoying the help they give to others and watching others thrive, as that is our end goal as well.

  • jennifer

    i would like to be hired for helping people and players on wizard 101 please let me know how to start

  • Hi Jennifer! The best to start is simply by helping out on the threads and with events. We like to see people in action and see that the consistently enjoy helping others. 🙂 You can find our Wizard101 blog at , there’s more information in our recruitment post there that can lead you to our board.

  • Hey mercs! I would love to help others but wonder when I can be able to show you how I can work effectively and efficiently with other pirates. Please give me a reply as soon as you can. Thank you! And have a nice day! 🙂

  • Hi! You’ll be able to help out with runs once we open for service on Pirate101. For now, since our characters have been reset we’re not open for service on Beta, but we’re hoping to open shortly after the game goes live. At that point, feel free to tag along on runs and help out events!

  • Oh This is actually one of the most helpful things I have seen! I would love to apply when things go live to lend a helping hand! that is if you need any Pirate extra!

  • Ricky

    what lvl do you have to be in order to qualify for being a merc. in either game? and do you have to be a member, because the fees add up. Thanks!

    • You generally have to have access to the entire game(all bosses/areas). That does requires members to either purchase the game with crowns or maintain a subscription with the game.

      • Ricky

        ok, well i am a lvl 11 pirate and a lvl 47 wizard and i just got a membership shortly after i posted the last message. so if anyone needs me, just reply to this!

  • Ollie

    I’m not looking to be hired but i just noticed that it says ‘want to help other wizards learn’
    Arn’t we talking about pirate 101——————————————-^

    • Ollie

      sorry I meant for the arrow to be pointed at the wizards. 🙂

      • Thanks Ollie! Will fix that. 🙂

  • DarthJT

    My name should speak for itself and all my qualifications, if any of you have been around as long as you say you have. I am DarkJT on Wizard Central, DarthJT on Main Boards of both W101 & P101 and on Pirate Central. If you Mercs for Hire need any help, please feel free to ask me. I can help you be it Wizard101 or Pirate101. Also been in P101 since Alpha.

    TBH, this is not a resume, this is more an invitation for you to invite me.

    • Please do not contact the Mercenaries asking to be a part of the group. We do not have a recruitment form or take applications.

  • DarthJT

    I am not asking to be part of the group, I am telling the group, if you need help, you can ask me for help. I am offering my help to you, it was quite clear if you ask me.

    • Hey DarthJT! I think I remember running into you in Alpha a few times, lol, hope you’re enjoying the latest updates! Generally, we welcome anyone to assist us on runs once a merc has picked them up and set a time, so help in that regard is ALWAYS welcome. Beyond that, if we feel the need to recruit official members at some point, we’ll do it from those we’ve seen in action in that capacity. Thanks for the interest in helping out both us and the players! 🙂

  • Robert Flint

    Hmm… well, i have gotten p101 help from you guys before (with Cedric Young)… it seems like whenever I check on the p101 central forums (darkdoombro) there are no runs I can join… anyways, I’m starting a thing like this myself, but instead of a bunch of friends we are a navy.