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(CLOSED) Halloween Spooktacular Dress-up Contest!

(CLOSED) Halloween Spooktacular Dress-up Contest!

Oct 18, 2016

‘Tis the season for spooks and treats! This time around, we’re taking a classic idea and bringing it to the spiral of pirates – yarr!

The goal is simple – put on your best Halloween outfit! The tricky part? Pirate101 has no automatic Halloween outfits – so your creative minds will be on full force.. muahahaha.


This contest will run from October 18th, 2016 to October 25th, 2016 at 11:59pm Central Time and all late entries will NOT be judged, so make sure to be in on time!

This contest is being held on both our blog and Pirate101 Central so that as many wizards as possible have a chance to win these spooky prizes. No duplicate entries are allowed.

Now, everyone’s favorite part.. PRIZES!!! 😀

1st place will net themselves a Hoodoo Bundle.

2nd and 3rd place will both net themselves 10k crowns and The Vampire for Pirate101!

4th – 7th will net themselves 5k crowns and the choice between a Vorpal Bunny or Jack O’Lantern for Pirate101!

Get your thinking caps on and may the most creative, best dressed Pirate win!!

As always, a great big thanks is in order to KingsIsle for providing the wonderful prizes, and to all participants in this contest!


1st – Eric Stormbringer


2nd – Ravino.


3rd – Saif Raghuraj –


4th place – kaosxtech
5th place – keela
6th place – bountytaker
7th place – Lord Pirate