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Gorgon’s Stare

Gorgon’s Stare

Mar 31, 2014

A creature first known within Wizard101 as the ONLY 2-turn stun spell slithers it’s way into Pirate101 as a boss in the end of an instance with mighty loot for you to uncover. This plunder includes the prized Medusa’s Blades, a level 60+ Slashy weapon that gives 7 armor. Medusa has MANY more drops than just these blades, so let’s go over just how you’ll get to her lair.

First, you’ll want to go to the world of Aquila. You can either take a Transportalor to Aquila, or go to the edge of Tradewinds Skyway, through the portal to Moniquista, and from there through the Portal to Aquila. You’ll then want to go to Illios, which is located near the uppermost part on the map of Aquila. Following your arrival in Illios, head to the Cave or the Gorgon, which is located here:


You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you encounter the army of previous challengers that Medusa has turned to stone. Nothing to fear here, move along, move along.

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Once you enter, you will first eat your mighty golden apple, and put blindfolds on (though you somehow can still see to walk around). Before you get to big bad Medusa, however, you first have to go through some Bone Snakes. These enemies are Swashbuckler Level 63, and have 2714 HP.

For these, El Toro’s accuracy buff is a great advantage as the Bone Snakes have a tendency to block. Also, Bonnie works great due to her Scatterblast, as it lowers their dodge. Focus on one snake at a time, until they are all gone.



After you have conquered the Bone Snakes, make your through an uphill tunnel to reach Medusa.  She’s got some new tricks up her sleeve (and by “up her sleeve” I mean “in her hair”), so read on and prepare yourself for an EPIC BATTLE!


Medusa has the following epics:

Cheap Shot 3

Blade Storm 2

First Strike 2

She also has a cheat, called Gorgon’s Gaze.


Along with her usual epics, Medusa has one unique power which is called Gorgon’s Gaze. If you manage to block an attack, she will use Gorgon’s Gaze which deals magic damage, and “Petrifies” you, leaving you unable to use moves for 2 turns. My general strategy is to go straight for Medusa, using any critical hits powers I may have right off the bat to deal damage to her quickly. It’s best to deal with her right away before the snakes as her petrifying powers (literally) can lead to your death if you don’t finish her off as soon as possible. Once Medusa is out of the way, go for the Bone Snakes one by one.

Some good companions to choose for the fight against Medusa:


His accuracy and dodge buff is AMAZING. Not to mention El Toro is a monster, and can deal tons of damage with no attack powers.
Her Scatterblast will help El Toro hit more often. She also has Second Wind, a heal that does more the lower your health gets, in case you are to get into a situation where you or your companions are low on health.
You can get Zeena through a side quest in Aquila, and she would be excellent in this fight. Her 2 Rain of Fires can help deal some damage to everyone, and she also has a Critical Strike – Ranged power you can use.
(Kan Po for Witchdoctor, Kobe Yojimbo for Buccaneer, Egg Shen for Privateer, Wing Chun for Musketeer, and Subodai for Swashbucklers): IF you do not have Zeena (which I encourage getting!), your starter companions work well too. They are very strong, and can deal lots of damage with critical strikes that they have.
While I wouldn’t list her as a main suggestion since she’s only available from a bundle, if you have her, use her! PLENTY of critical strike attacks, and Centaur’s Charge, along with Burst Fire are great for this fight.

Once you defeat her, gather up your boss chest, and hope for some fantastic loot! This short instance  is fantastic for farming as Medusa drops A TON of No Auction drops for all classes.

Have you been farming Medusa? What have your experiences been like with this sinister serpent? Let us know in the comments!

  • Darksyde Samar

    Man Medusa is really hard. I farmed her and got the Medusa blades, (which I sold. I dodn’t need them) but that gorgons gaze really gets you.