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Flash Forward Winners!

Flash Forward Winners!

Jan 2, 2014

In first, we have Katalina:


Cadiz’s Casimir Security Penitentiary

When we return to Valencia, a twist comes that doesn’t happen in most video games. We are busted sneaking in, and like an Armada Officer has warned us before, we are transported to Cadiz. We have a trial, and that’s where we meet the Queen. She is the Judge for this case, unfortunately. We call Mr. Swidget, and he gets permission to legally access Valencia. Kane has everyone in the Jury threatened, so it doesn’t go too well, and the Queen declares us guilty. Then we are transported to Cadiz’s Casimir Security Penitentiary(Don’t worry, it’s a dungeon, that way your pirate can still go home and stuff and you’re not barged in there.) When you go inside the dungeon, you’re in a cell. Then an Armada officer tells us it’s time for lunch and we go to the lunch room and see other criminals from all over the world. Including Calico Jake.

We hatch a complex plan to escape. We create a riot in the lunchroom the following day, and all the officers from the lobby come to stop it, and we smuggle to it. Unfortunately there’s inspector guards by the Metal Detectors and we battle. Calico Jake is our ally in this battle. We take them apart so Gracie can learn about them, and we put their masks and clothes on as disguise, and we manage to get outside, and to the exit. However the guard clockworks notice we look like inspector clockworks, but we stop them before they can sound the alarm. Ratbeard finds a nearby cannon, but it needs powder. Gracie uses some from the Armada Musketeer’s Gun, but the wall won’t budge. We go back to the place where the Guard Clockworks were and Gracie figures out the machine, and manages to Open the doors. We escape, and Calico Jake joins our crew  Then we’re back on our way to Caligostro.


In second, we have


The update is a dungeon inside of a vortex that randomly pops up in Skull Island Skyway. Avery asks us to investigate the Vortex. Inside we find a ghost ship, Which attacks us. Were forced to retaliate, but the ship is in a bubble, after fighting it the bubble breaks and the ship goes inactive. were we can board. We explore a bit and start making our way through the ship through various levels. overall there are 2 puzzles and 2 fights along with the final boss room. Levels 1-4 go like so:

Level 1: store room, after trying to open the door to the next area we are pulled into combat. The objective is to destroy candles that every turn attack for half your health there are 4 of them, they are spread out but stationary…. after the battle the door opens.
Level 2: Dining room/galley, Several skeletons attack, normal combat.
Level 3: Kitchen, It’s a puzzle room. you have to activate various objects around the kitchen in order to move on. Basically your trying to make soup and have to add the correct ingredients. your given a small riddle as to what you need to add, 5 objects in all, some of the ingredients are hidden in cupboards and things and you have to actively look in them and some have multiple items(i wanted it to be relatively simple honestly)
Level 4: Barracks, Lots of skeletons and one has a absorb field that breaks only when the other enemies are dead(can be purged)

Final boss: The Captains quarters. It’s a dread pirate similar to captain blood, but with his image tweaked, or possible a whole new model. He makes a speech as to why he’s returned something along the lines of revenge for something pirates did to him…the fight goes like the following: He summons minions and stays back, outside of combat. After defeating the minions they collapse into indestructible bone piles. After the last one dies, they all revive and a comment is made about them being staying dead. The objective changes to use the candles, which you must activate, one on either side. Then you must kill all the skeletons. After which The Undead Captain will join the fight along with 2 ghouls. If you kill the ghouls, he will re-summon them(they have about half normal health compared to normal enemies) If if attack him, he will eat the ghouls after hitting about half health and heal and gain a armor reduction buff(25%) After he eats the second, the buff doubles, but after a single turn of him being buffed, he explodes and takes 50% more damage…if he doesn’t die in the next 2 rounds, it starts over.

He drops various Halloween items like new ship parts for the Halloween galleon, captain bloods robes, and some no auction costumes, along with basic gear. The quest reward is a weapon from Avwerys personal armory, thats leveled, they all have a rank one epic and are no auction no trade, and are a single classification…i wont bore you with what each weapon might look like, but here are the epics for each class:

Buccaneer: First Strike
Swashbuckler: Relentless
Musketeer: Burst fire
Witchdoctor: Readied Spell
Privateer: Vengeance Strike

The weapons deal about 20 less damage than their no auction counter parts of the same level. The dungeon its self levels based off the lowest level person entering. and the weapon is based on the level you are when you finish with a minimum of level 5-10(which ever would be more balanced, but still able for the free to players to enjoy)

Overall it would be a fun, slightly creepy enjoyable Halloween activity for high level and low level players alike…with a great reward worth playing for on all your characters…

3rd: BoldBenjaminHawkins

4th: Justin

5th: Eric Proof

Random 5:

Greedy Samuel Templeton

Congrats to all!