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Flanking and Crossfire

Flanking and Crossfire

Dec 7, 2012

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Flanking an enemy is a very classic military tactic as attacks from multiple directions can easily confuse an enemy.  In Pirate101 this tactic takes the form of the two epic talents flanking and crossfire.  How these epics work can be a bit confusing.

How they work

Both epics give the unit with it a chance for an extra attack if there is an allied unit of the same type on the other side of the enemy.  Allied units include: your pirate, your companions, pirates on your team, your teammates’ companions, and ‘yellow’ ally unit (including pets).

Flanking specifics:

  • The allied unit must have either a stabby, slashy, or smashy weapon (aka, melee)
  • The allied unit must be in the spot that is on the other side of the enemy compared to the attacker with flanking and adjacent to (right next to) the enemy.

Crossfire specifics:

  • The allied unit must have a shooty weapon
  • The allied unit must be on the opposite side of enemy but neither the attacking or the allied unit need to be adjacent to the enemy.  Basically draw a line between the unit with crossfire and the allied unit, attacking any enemy between the two can trigger crossfire

In closing…

Flanking is a very good epic and is worth giving some of your melee companions.  Crossfire on the other hand is rather impractical.  Since range units can’t attack and move in the same turn it is very difficult to get a chance to use it.  It is worth paying attention to enemies with it so you don’t accidentally give them free shots on you.

  • Daisy

    Nice work on this guide. It took a while for the function of flanking to click. Now it’s a lot of fun to use 🙂