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Flagged Down

Flagged Down

Oct 20, 2015

Update: This contest is now CLOSED! Winners will be posted by the evening of Friday, October 30th.

Hallowe’en has hit the Spiral and our Pirates are getting ready to celebrate! This is a great time of year for those of us who sail the high seas. Not only do we get free candy without even needing to loot our enemies, but our numbers swell. People of all ages seem to be ready to address the plundering lifestyle, even wearing their newfound pirate pride as they visit their neighbours at night! Yes, Hallowe’en is a great time to be a pirate, and we want to make sure that we properly welcome all these landlubbers to the high seas for the first time! (Before we sink their ships and steal their booty, o’ course.)


Image via sheknows

With all these new pirates, we thought it would be charitable to help them on their journey by suggestin’ some Hallowe’en flags for their very first ships! There are a lot of options for a pirate who’s just starting out and designing their first flag… but which is the most festive for our favorite holiday?

Contest Rules

Design a Hallowe’en themed pirate flag. All options must be made using the in-game flag creator! You can visit Major Flagstaff at the back of the Skull Island Bazaar to see (and take a picture of) all in game flag options.


Submissions should be a picture of your flag design, posted as a comment on this post (you can upload your photo to any host and just post a link in your comment). Please make sure that the email address to which your comments are connected is valid and active, so that if you win we are able to send you your code. The deadline for entries is midnight Central US time on Sunday, October 25th.


One grand prize winner will receive:

  • A Hoodoo Bundle
  • 5,000 additional Crowns
  • 1 random Beastmaster companion, and
  • an Octoberpus pet

Three first place winners will each receive

  • a Smuggler’s Cove House (and housing space elixir), and
  • 2500 Crowns, and
  • an Octoberpus pet

Two additional honourable mentions will each receive

  • 2500 Crowns, and
  • a Stormtiger Shark pet


Good luck to everyone who enters!



Congratulations to all of our winners! The prizes have been awarded as follows and codes will be sent out shortly:

Grand Prize Winner:



First Place Winners:



Golden Tim:



Fair Christina Nightingale:



Honourable Mentions:

Quiet Keena Davis:


Sarai Griffinsong: