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Fish are Friends, not Food.

Fish are Friends, not Food.

Jul 4, 2014

The last update to the game brought many things, including an advanced pet system, allowing us to now train and spar our pets.

To enter this contest all you have to do is  tell us what’s your favorite part of the advanced pet system and why in the comments below! Is it seeing which talents your pet learns after a lot of training, morphing them and seeing what strange new pets you can create, or perhaps something else? Let us know and you’ll automatically be entered into a raffle for the following fishy prizes:

  • 1 person will win a code for a Clown Fish Pet and 10,000 Crowns
  • 3 people will win a code for a Hammerhead Shark Pet and 5,000 Crowns.
  • 4 people will win a code for a Thresher Shark Pet and 1,500 Crowns.

This contest will end July 11th at 11:59 P.M US Central time. The winners will be drawn and announced within the following days, and the codes will be sent shortly after that.

Good luck to all who enter!

  • jewelshadowcaster

    I love, simply love pet pvp. Had so much fun with it. I also was lucky that the pets I already had in my backpack obtained good talents. But I will be in morphing tent for sure :).

  • Epic Patrick

    My favorite part of the advanced pet system is the ability to get new hybrids! I like new hybrids because not all of them are discovered yet and they look pretty darn cool. My favorite hybrid discovered at the moment is the grimtooth. There’s so many talents to choose from I don’t even know where to start, but I definitely like training them because unlike wizard101, these pets actually get bigger as they age! How fascinating is that?

  • Calamity PixieShade

    HYBRIDS!!! Even if they are slightly hard to find and make, I love the challenge of trying to create them! Bring it on Decius!

  • Scarlet Summer

    My favorite part would definitely be morphing to try and find new hybrids. Sometimes frustrating but very cool when you find one!

  • Nicu Colin

    My favorite part of the advanced pet system is that the pets are more easily trained than in wizard101

  • Michelle Mooncatcher

    I like the hybrid feature where we have to mix pet together and see if it’s a hybrid. I guess I like the hatching part of the feature 🙂

  • Glowing Jose

    I love the knew advanced pet because the amount of time to hatch again is very short! Only about 10 min. and you can hatch again! Also, I love how cheap it cost to morph. I usually only have to pay around 20k. In wizard101 it usually cost around 50k so this definitely better! Who doesn’t like cheap? 😀

  • william shadowblade

    I have to say, the thing that caught my attention the most in the new pet system, is the ability to fight other pets in the arena, which is free btw, and the coolest part is either you win or lose you still get to win snacks and gear to train your pets easily from your pet menu, so you just fight in arena for snacks then train some more, which makes the training process a lot easier than the one in wizards.(just sayin) lol.
    thanks for the contest 🙂

  • Blaze FireBreath

    My favorite part of the new pet update is either the pet vs. pet fights or hybrids. Finding new hybrids is tough but it’s so exciting when a new gets found, and everyone just races to get it. It’s also really fun to watch our pets spar, since we never see more than one of our pets at a time during a regular fight.

  • Sue Johnston

    My absolute favorite is training. It’s fun to be able to watch your pet grow-up.

  • Red Coat

    What i love most about the advanced pet system, is that it allows you to see not just one but four of your pets fight against others, so you get to see their cool attack moves, and cheer them up, and like “william shadowblade” said, either you win or lose you still get pet snacks and gear to train them more, isn’t that awesome or what?

  • Victoria LifeBlade

    I really liked to train my pets.

  • Anna MoonWhisper

    My favorite part is that pets can give cards to the owner when we train them and that is really helpful in the fights.

  • John MoonWhisper

    My favorite part is definitely that my pet have greatly increased their power and the likelihood of engaging in combat. I also like the new powers and the attack card that he gives me, so useful for my buccaneer 🙂

  • saga

    My favorite part of advanced pet systems is that now pets can help me actually in battle with new powers/talents and have a good chance of joining the battle. Some talents are really useful and help my wizard in defeating difficult bosses.

  • My favorite part is combining the perfect talents for YOU on to YOUR favorite pet. It’s lots of fun!

  • Scarlet Owl

    I think my favourite part is that you can meet other people in the game much easier through morphing. I’ve met some great pirates while trying to morph a great pet.

  • Alura

    Definitely the hybrids. I’ve always had extra gold from farming and now whenever I’m almost full I do a few random hatches to see if I find anything interesting. I appreciate that the hatching timer is so short.

  • Al Neuu

    My favorite part about the advanced pet system is pet sparing because it can let me see what kind of new pet is sparing with my pets plus i get some snack and gear for rewards.

  • Glubbon

    I really love all the new talents and powers that pets have in battle. My pet has gone from being a distraction in battle (pre-update) to a valuable asset who has finished off an enemy for me multiple times. It makes me chuckle when my pet brings a mighty boss to his knees.

  • My favorite part of the advanced pet system is the hybrids. It’s interesting to see which pets morph to form what new pets.

  • Rachel ShadowHeart

    I liked how pets can be stronger and aid you in battle better, how they are also easier to train.

  • *This is obviously not an Entry as it has been past the time to enter and I’ve already entered*

    Sweet, everyone has a 8/22 chance of winning, so that’s about a 36% chance of winning something! No more entries are allowed, and only 22 entries soooo yay. Good luck to all and I hope we all win 😀

  • Brand Ghostspear

    I love how the pet has rankings like in wizard101 because you can have a higher lvl pet help a lower lvl pirate in battles.

    • It’s been past the time to enter 0-0 look at the date stated above.