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“Fish are Friends, not Food” Winners!

“Fish are Friends, not Food” Winners!

Jul 13, 2014

Our Pirate101 pet raffle has ended, and we have drawn our winners!

  • Clown Fish and 10,000 crowns- greyg (Central)
  • Hammerhead Shark and 5,000 crowns- Smart Scott Spencer (Central), Blaze Lionrider (Central), Rachel ShadowHeart
  • Thresher Shark and 1,500 crowns- Victoria Lifeblade, Darius (Central), Lucas Walker (Central), Selkie (Central)

We’ll send the winners their codes shortly, so if you won, be sure to check your email, or Private Messages if you won on Central!

  • John MoonWhisper

    So..i didn’t get it and i really need that somthing to be explain.

    I only found 2 of those names in the coments from the contest page.

    How come the other 6 enter in the contest?

    “To enter this contest all you have to do is tell us what’s your favorite part of the advanced pet system and why in the comments below!”

    So there is other below, beside the one of the page?

    • Cedric Young

      We offer multiple ways to enter contests, namely through this blog and W101 Central for Wizard101 contests, and Pirate101 Central for Pirate101 contests. We don’t publicize the alternate locations since each person can only enter once, anyways. All valid entries from here and from central were included in the drawing, so everybody had an equal chance of winning.

      • John MoonWhisper

        Thank you for explain me that but i think is bad publicity when you publish a contest and then choose winers from other place. Like i said before, in the contest said “in the coments below” and in any place of the page you tell us that people from other places was gonna participate.
        Like me, the rest of the contestants were make believe that we have a biger chance to win something (and you can check that in the contest age)
        Again ty for the response but i gonna report all this to KI because i really belive that if they give you the prizes trusting the site they dont want that you make fool of the users. And even that was by accident or not intentional i feel like the blog contest was something to fool the users

        best regards