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Festive Fotos

Festive Fotos

Dec 14, 2015

Update: All winners have been chosen and codes have been sent out via email. Thanks for participating!

The holiday season is a time when the whole Spiral comes together to celebrate. There are old friends and new ones, familiar places and sometimes even new adventures! We want to celebrate with you by sending you on a journey through the Spiral to find all these things and more, and we want to see what makes all these things beautiful in your eyes!

The Contest

We will give you a clue that could lead to any number of things in the Spiral. There is no “correct” answer to any of the clues; they are open to interpretation and we want to see what comes to your mind! Once you’ve decided what the clue means to you, head through the Spiral to take a picture of whatever you’ve chosen. Try to make the picture as nice as possible. A few suggestions:

  • unless your companion or pet adds to the picture, set your follower to “None”.
  • Turn off all overhead names.
  • Press Control + G to get rid of your overlays.
  • To take a picture without your pirate in it, back up against an object and angle the shot to be taken through your character.




I haunt the paths
I used to tread
For once I lived
But now am dead.

Some possible entries:

Picture 2015-12-13 22-03-19-676 Picture 2015-12-13 21-38-35-472 Picture 2015-12-13 21-32-46-488

Any one of these entries would be acceptable. Read the clue, interpret it in a way that makes sense to you, and take a take that you think looks great!


The contest begins on Monday, December 14th and ends at 11:59pm Central US Time on Sunday, December 20th. You must submit a picture for ALL clues for your entry to be considered valid (5 pictures total). Please be aware that we will be checking all submitted pictures to make sure they have not been lifted from any other sites, so use only your own work or you will be disqualified! To enter, please send your pictures to . Make sure to note which picture belongs to which clue! This contest may also be posted on Pirate101 Central, so be aware that entries may be coming in from multiple sources. As always, the mercenary team reserves the right to clarify the rules as necessary; if you have any questions, please ask them BEFORE submitting your entry to make sure there won’t be any problems!

The Mercenaries101 team will evaluate all entries and announce the winners on December 24th by 7pm Central US time.



1, I swim in the sky
I snap with my teeth
You wouldn’t want me in
Your Christmas wreath.


2. My many legs
are plain to see
Don’t pick a fight
with guys like me!


3. Beautiful things
Falling from the sky
Gifts from the heavens
that are pleasing to my eye.


4. In times of war
We battle here
These sentries give
use cause for fear.


5. A life of crime
Will lead to pain,
As you can see
It has no gain.


First Place:

  • Hoodoo Bundle
  • Forest Tiger Mount

Second Place:

  • 1 random Beastmaster companion
  • Forest Tiger Mount

Three Honourable Mentions:

  • Forest Tiger Mount
  • Stormtiger Shark pet

Please be aware that some codes may expire on January 1, 2017 and should be redeemed as soon as possible!

Good luck in the contest, and we can’t wait to see the Spiral through your eyes!