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Feast yer Eyes on this!

Feast yer Eyes on this!

Sep 19, 2014

Ahoy! It be talk like a pirate day and we mercs have a contest for ye! We pirates love to eat, and we be holdin’ a feast! The problem is we be needin’ ideas for some grub! Can ye come up with a menu that be bold enough to please us scurvy pirates? If ye do, ye shall be rewarded with some treasure…..

To enter, all ye have to do is describe a feast fit for pirates! However, ye must speak like a pirate,  because we can’t understand that fancy, proper English that so many people have begun speakin’. Also, as ye probably know, Pirates aren’t the best readers, so please keep yer entries 200 words or less. If ye follow these three rules, then there be a chance of you  being a lucky winner. The prizes?

  • 1 person will win the grand prize, consistin’ of a Huge Pile of Treasure housing item, the Pirate Hairstyle, and 10,000 crowns!
  • 5 people will win the second place prize, which be a Pirate Hairstyle and 5,000 crowns!
  • Last but not least, 10  third prize winners will win 2,000 crowns!

Put yer entries in the comments below before 11:59 PM CST 9/26/14 to parrrticipate in this fine competition! We mercs will choose our favorite meals within the days followin’ the end of the contest.  Good luck to ye all and have a grrreat talk like a pirate day!

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. Some of us are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Many thanks to KI for supplying the prizes!

  • Jereomy Calkin

    “For you feastin’ today we’ll start with a crab crawlie salad, followed by grilled batacuda in a light yum sauce with banana bread made from bananas fresh from Puerto Mico, and for dessert we have a delicious yum cake and banana puddin’. And thar will be plenty o’ yum t’ wash it down.”
    James Morgan

  • For t’ feast table, Large Chicken would be good, Pumpkins, Some Rice, Salad, A plate o’ Fruits and Some Tomatoes!

  • Ruthless Destiny

    For yer feast, let’s start off with some rounds o’ yum. And when ye pirates get really hungry, me crew will brin’ out a roasted flyin’ fish head with a side o’ buffaloons nuggets. And if this don’t port yer boat,we will brin’ out a dish o’ yum yum soup with sprinkles o’ gold. If ye have a sweet tooth than we have a yum fountain that be surrounded with yum cake, yum pie, and yum cookies. Enjoy ye yum-lovin’ Pirates!

  • Mary

    Fer appetizers thar gunna be Roasted Oysters wit’ Pancetta ‘n Breadcrumbs ‘n fer th’ actual meal thar gunna be broiled lobster tails wit’ a bottle ‘o yum. But th’ best part be th’ dessert which serves homemade cheesecake drizzled wit’ Melba sauce or topped wit’ an assortment ‘o fresh berries wit’ a huge tank ‘o yum!

  • Patrick

    Today’s menu will be some chicken with some spice,bottle o’ sweet yum,fruits,and have some desserts for last.

  • Arthur

    A band ‘o pirates feast oh jolly we would have some shark on a sword some mooshu Arrr yum. ‘n some.., (spy wit’ ye eye’s Ratbread tryin’ to still all th’ win’s) RATBREADS TOAST IF ye DON’T PUT below me Chicken Win’ -_- (ratbread starts to run like kookoo bananas) COME BACK HERE ye SCALLYWAG get him jim laddie(they get to Ratbread) ye wee theif (slaps wit’ fish)ye get to put grub in me gullet a salad wit’ no harrr de yarrr yum ye big oaf -_- ‘n thats be band o’ pirates feast

    ~Arthur woe ye heartly enjoy ‘n yarr to ye to jolly luck to all ye pirates 😀

  • Humble Brandon

    Fer th’ feast, I would brin’ some bananas fer our monkey helpers. They do so much that I reckon they deserve somethin’ too! A nice bottle ‘o spiced rum would be jolly as well. ‘n lastly, ye can’t forget cookies! They be th’ best thin’ in th’ seven seas. See you thar!

  • mason

    fer th’ feast ye scalywags be havin some fried crawlies an some banana cream pie from al th’ way in puerto mico dont ye forget th’ best in all thee skyways we be havin yum all kinds i could get mee hands on fair winds mateys

  • Stephen Hawkins

    Bein’ pirates an’ all, tis rare that me an’ me crew gets ourselves a proper feast. But when we are a’dreamin’ o’ food, tis always chowder that comes t’ mind. Aye, chowder! Made o’ fresh Sky Clams, bits o’ salted Flying Fish an’ hearty lumps o’ butter, an’ spiced with salt an’ pepper! Nary will find ye better vittles in any Skyway o’er th’ Spiral! An’ tis a fair lot better with salt Battacuda an’ ship biscuits with treacle. A Yum trifle be just th’ thing to top ‘er all off.

    Aye, Bonnie loves ‘er shepherd’s pie, as Catbeard craves ‘is herring,
    But a feast that nay but one enjoys, is a feast not worth th’ sharin’!
    Lay a table, me hearties, an’ pull up a chair, pop th’ corks an’ let th’ Yum flow,
    For chowder’s our supper—there be plenty for all!—eat up, me hearties, yo ho!

  • Dead-Eye Steven Strong

    Come all band ‘o pirates, thar be plenty ‘o grub! A turkey wit’ all th’ trimmin’s, bbq buffaloon steaks, stuffed chicken wit’ mash’d taters, green beans ‘n corn on th’ cob. Plenty fer all ye scurvy dogs.

  • Raven

    argh you scurvy dogs ye be need’in a meal fit fo ye king pirates. i be makin a platter filled with grub. i have yer on me menu giant turkey legs sizes ye have never seen. pies as biggest ye eyes with flavors unheard of, stuffed crab salmon, barracuda and trout. honey flavor rolls and cheddar biscuits.added for ye favor shrimp scampi and side of ye scallops. kegs filled with butter beer and yum and to top ye grub off a mystery flavored ice cream. so won’t ye scurvy dogs come dine with me.

  • Loyal Martin Xavier

    There isn’t nothin’ a bloody moral-less pirate like me can’t do! We’re start off with me ladies servin’ us some mouth-waterin’,pourin’ to the edge yum! To top that off we will be given the juiciest chicken o’ all the’ four seas to feast upon.Some young men would even fight over it just to get one taste o’ it.”

    To finish off the meal we will have the most manliest food only some pirates could dream to take a bite of! If you’re a true pirate you would o’ course know that the batcuda be the manliest food ever found in existence! “

  • Crazy Ryan Upham

    Delicious mouth waterin’, roasted chicken wit’ mash potato ‘n gravy on th’ side. Sick ‘o fish? No problem cause thar ain’t no fishy at ’tis feast. Fruits ‘n veggies? Oh ’tis feast got plenty! fer dessert some type ‘o stolen cheese ‘n ’tis kookoo bananas dessert they call “ice cream”. Somethin’ that gunna top all ‘o that be unlimited amount ‘o YUM! Drink as much as ye like!’tis feast be located on a magical gold ship sailin’ around skull island. It be waitin’ fer ye!

  • jack nightingale

    ahoy there you landlubbers, have ye come to try some of captain jacks skyfood? ye have? well welcome aboard my warship restaurant, todays specials are the skull island smugglers delight, it consists of fresh crawlie legs with me famous golden prawn sauce, would ye like some batacuta steak? maybe flying fish fillet? would you like regular or diet yum with that? maybe ye would like a feast from another world? how about our famous banana and mango salad, would that suit ye growling stomach? or perhaps red hot drake peppers all th’ way from dragonspyre, maybe ye want a fresh honey waffles from the world of khrysalis? or perhaps a milkbone steak from th’ world marlybone, a jungle salad from mysterious and treasure filled Azteca, would ye like avalionian roasted pig? maybe celestia kelp salad with ye zafarian catch? of course ye will be wanting our famous mooshu yum cookies to wont ye? how about this would fill ye up? try our krokotpian pears, with our wysteria vin fruit. maybe grizzleheims fisherman special? how about a wizard meal for the little ones? straight from valencia is th’ rare scholars apple, proven to make ye smarter. cool ranch banditoad tacos for ye lubbers? last but not least, aquila olives with a side of cheese. ye will take it all ye say? well here you go and enjoy ye meal.

  • Dead-eye Justin

    While you’re walkin’ around t’ ship we’ll serve glorious pickled apple hor d’oeuvre picked from t’ ripest tree’s in Aquila. Stayin’ in Aquila we harvested delitible quail eggs for your appetizer. Next we’ll feed your face with our fabulous entree o’ a lobster tail panini from Skull Island. Main course? YAR! What better than a slow roasted scorpion legs! YUM! Speakin’ o’ that, what better than a bottle o’ YUM t’ wash it down!

  • Nicholas

    Me name be Dark Colin Holystone.i reckon ’bout a feast that takes place in Skull Island in Kraken Skulls Tavern(in a second cellar that would be larger ‘n bigger than a simple cellar.thar would be a great long table wit’ plenty ‘o yum ‘n grub.Thar’d be a baked Batacuda fillet wit’ banana sauce ‘n lemon juice,sushi wit’ prawns ‘n rice,monquistan baked skarakeet,cool ranch buffaloon steaks,yum cake,mooshu fried koi fingers,marleybonian jellied ells ‘n steak ‘n kidney pie,some aquilan souvlaki ‘n ettin cured meat,darkmoor bat wings ‘n fried crawlies .hearty thanks ye fer ’tis amazin’ contest

  • Daniel

    Ahoy all! Welcome to th’ Tavern.

    Let’s start all ye pirates out on a drink. We have: yum(soda), yum punch(fruit punch), ‘n sea water(water). Pick ye poison!

    Th’ special this day be a nice Crab Crawlie soup(crab soup) and Polly Crackers(crackers) wit’ a side Treant Leaves(salad).

    Also on th’ menu be: Frogerale peglegs(froglegs), Gold Nuggets(chicken), Bison Slabs(steak), ‘n Lion Fish Sticks(fish sticks).

    ‘n finally fer dessert we have assorted Marshadillow Puffs ‘n Chocolope cake!

  • Fiery Warwick Deveraux

    Arg! I be yar waiter fer dis evenin’. Lets me conversatin’ the special booty on the menu tonight it’s complicated. Yar first course be containin’ a soup of Yum. Yar second course be containin’ a salad of sliced yum. Yar third course be containing roasted buffaloon in a yum glaze. And Yar final course will be a chocolate cake with a yum dipping sauce. Yar choices of drink tonight shall be bottled yum or of mug o’ yum. Yar can order anything you want, so long as it is the special.

  • Quick James Hawkins

    Aye, so we have here today be a feast no pirate could turn down. Tis’ a fine meal for any pirate and it be slow roasted seasoned batacuda with a pint of yum with it, imported from Mooshu. And if that don’t float your ship then we have some a bananas of Monqista’s finest, said to have been smuggled from the royal treasury, in any case, enjoy thee meal and long live Pirate101!

  • Raven

    were the winners picked yet?