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“Feast yer Eyes on this!” – Winners

“Feast yer Eyes on this!” – Winners

Oct 4, 2014

Ahoy! We have our winners for our latest contest. Drum roll, please……

  • First Place- ¬†Stephen Hawkins, who wins¬†a Huge Pile of Treasure housing item, the Pirate Hairstyle, and 10,000 crowns!
  • Second Place- Dead-Eye Justin, Ruthless Destiny, Daniel, Crazy Ryan Upham, and Nicholas all win a Pirate Hairstyle and 5,000 crowns!
  • Third Place- Jereomy Calkin, Mary, Arthur, Humble Brandon, Mason, Dead-Eye Steven Strong, Raven, Loyal Martin Xavier, Fiery Warwick Deveraux, and Quick James Hawkins win 2,000 crowns!

Thanks for bein’ patient, and congratulations to the winners! Enjoy yer new treasure! And if ye happen to be one of the lucky winners, look for an email in the near future!