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Q – Why aren’t you offering help in MooShu?

Much of the team is still making their way through the later parts of MooShu. Since so few team members have finished Mooshu, we don’t have enough people to cover those requests quite yet. We will likely offer help there once more of the team has finished all the content.

Q – Will you eventually offer help with side quests, Fort Elena, or Miranda in Beta?

We don’t know yet. It will depend on how busy we are (ie how much time we have), and how much we feel that need to ‘practice’ helping others through these instances.

Q – Will you be adding new mercenaries to the team for Pirate101? Can I sign up?

We’ll need some time to evaluate how busy we are before we make any choices about that. Until then, check out our post on recruitment for more information on what we look for in potential new mercenaries.