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Drying Out

Drying Out

Nov 3, 2012

After you defeat Marcus to find out the secrets of this little hideaway, you are ready to face Fin!  Well… okay,  not really.  The path to Fin’s hideout is flooded.  Apparently the Troggy Chief is in on the plan, and has stopped the water flow and flooded the tunnels.





You do not need to defeat all enemies to clear the flooded water.  The goal is to activate all 3 totems. 
Doing this will take care of both the enemies AND the plumbing issue.

There you have it, kids. If you’ve got plumbing back-ups at home, just make sure your ancient totems are all activated. That’s what we can learn from this.

This sounds simple enough.  Until you notice that you are outnumbered by 2 to 1 (see the above screenshot of the first turn). Not only that, every time you activate a totem, more Troggies appear, and they place themselves between your crew and the remaining totems. The further you progress, the worse the situation gets.  Too many Troggies cause 2 problems:

1)      Each member of your team can get hit by multiple Troggies.

2)      The Troggies stand between you and the remaining totems, blocking your way so you cannot activate them.

But don’t despair, there is a simple solution – despite what the battle goal says, don’t activate the totems!  Yep, I’m a genius!

You team will consist of 3 crew members (you, Bonnie Anne, and your starter companion).  You should be able to finish this in 3 or 4 turns.  If you resist the temptation to hit the totems early, there should not be enough troggies to completely block your way.

  • Turn 1 – Decide which member is going to activate which totem.  You will want to see which team member can move the farthest per turn, and dedicate that crew member to reaching the farthest totem. Start moving them toward it (as far as you can).  You won’t be able to get to any yet.  Don’t bother to hit any Troggy, unless the crew member is melee and the attack is right on your path anyway.
  • Turn 2 – You should be able to activate the first totem (either top, bottom, or both).  Don’t!  Position your member next to the totem but do not activate it.  Move the other members toward the other totems. While you are positioned next to the totem, feel free to attack troggies as long as your attacks will not trigger any additional bonus attacks against you, and as long as you are not moving from your location next to the totem.
  • Turn 3 – Position  another member next to the 2nd totem.  Again, do not activate totems. Continue moving the last member to the last totem.
  • Turn 4 – Your last member should be able to reach and activate the last totem.  Activate all 3 totems at the same time.  As you activate the first two totems, you will notice that more troggies appear.  When the third totem is activated, ALL the troggies, including the new ones, will be swept away. DONE! And with a lot of treasure chests left behind as a bonus.

There are red yum yum in the room so you can heal up and get ready to face Fin. Don’t forget to open up those treasure chests and check the any gear that may be an improvement!

Good luck and YoHo Me Hearties!

  • Ollie

    I didn’t know where to ask this so I picked a rondo post. I’ve noticed that some people have a number on their mojo bottles. What is this?