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Crew’s Got Talent!

Crew’s Got Talent!

Aug 26, 2012

In Pirate101, as both you and your companions level up, you will gain talents. There are normal ‘talents’ that are passive and are designed to increase a stat, such as will, damage, or resistance. Then there are epics talents, which are active talents that will upgrade what you or your companions are capable of in battle. In this post, we’ll explain exactly what the most common of the epic talents will allow you to do.



Before I list the epics talents a few notes:

  • From here on I will just call them talents.  To me the passive stat boosts really aren’t ‘talents’, they are just base stat boosts.
  • For most talents there is a range, melee, and magic/witchdoctor version that do the same thing so I will add a (r) for range, (m) for melee, and (w) for witchdoctor.
  • Some talents require an attack from the same type to trigger (range vs range, melee vs melee).  These will be marked with an *.

Attack triggered talents-

  • Preemptive-
    • Quick Draw (r*), First Strike (m*):  These talents may cause a companion that is attacked to attack first.   These will only work once per turn at level 1.  To work more than once per turn you need to upgrade them.
    • Witch Hunter- This talent may cause a unit targeted with an offensive spell to attack the caster first (if in range).
  • Responsive-
    • True Grit (r*), Vengeance Strike (m*): These talents may cause a companion that was hit to attack back.  Only once per turn at level 1, can be upgraded for more uses per turn.
    • Return Fire(r*), Riposte (m*), CounterSpell (w*):  ^See True Grit and Vengeance Strike.  The only difference is the enemy must miss.
    • Burst Fire (r), Relentless (m), Mojo Echo (w)-  Chance of second attack if first attack hits (35% to 60% chance).
    • Quick Adjust (r), Second Chance (m)- Chance of second attack if first attack misses.

Multi Attack Talents-

  • Double Tap (r), Blade Storm (m)- If the attacking unit finish off their enemy, the attacking unit may attack another enemy if one is within range.
  • Crossfire (r), Flanking (m)- If the attacking unit has an ally (of the same type) on the other side of the enemy, may make extra attack.
  • Improved Mojo Blast- Increases the area that is hit with basic attacks to include adjacent squares.  At level one it will spread to only 4 of the 8 adjacent squares in either a + or x pattern.  At level 2 it will hit a 3 by 3 area.  Usually only found in witch doctors.

Movement triggered talents-

  • Over Watch (r), Repel Boarders (m), Readied Spell (w)-  Chance of attacking a unit that moves within attack range.  At level one 50% chance, at level 2 75% for Repel Boarders.  Assumed to be the same for Over Watch but % chance is not stated in game.
  • Parting Shot (r), Cheap Shot (m), Coward’s Bane (w)-  Chance of attacking a unit that attempts to leave attack range.


  • Hold the line- May stop a unit that moves to an adjacent square.
  • Fly and Jump- Both allow units with them to move over certain obstacles and fly allows unit to pass over traps without activating them.  Unconfirmed but… I believe it only works with obstacles that don’t block line of sight.  More testing is needed.
If you know of any other talents I’ve missed please tell me. Also check out how they trigger each other here.


  • Keira Skywalker

    Thanks Neso, great guide for beginners like me!

  • Duncan Green Thorn

    You fogot Bladestorm, and Mournsong!

    • Bladestorm is listed under multi-attack talents. 🙂 Mournsong isn’t listed here because it isn’t a talent – it’s a power, sort of like a one-time use spell card. It’s for witchdoctor pirates only (no companions come with this power that I know of). You can find more info on it in our Hoodoo How-To post.

  • whiffy kyle vane

    the rules for flanking has changed, it is now if you are on the opposite side of an enemy from another ally you gain an extra attack

    • I’m just waiting until I have all the new witch doctor talents figured out before I update the list. 🙂

      • Nvm, updated it while I was thinking about it XD.

        If anyone knows the other witchdoctor epics please post a comment :D!

  • Ollie

    I’ve seen alot of witchdoctors with lots of powers. will my bucaneer ever get a witchdoctor like that?

    • You get old scratch pretty early on with rank 1 improved mojo blast and a skeleton summon. I think that is the only wd most classes get without doing sides.

      • Ollie

        what do his promotions give him?

        • Up to you. I prefer giving him improved mojo blast (rank 2, he gets rank one for free) and mojo echo. With most promotions you get to pick from a list of possible epics. Choose wisely ^_^

          • Ollie

            thanks! : )

          • Ollie

            sorry for pestering you again, but what level does he get his promotion?

      • Ollie

        arrrr these sides for the crown shop? If not, what are they?

  • Ollie


  • Ollie

    also you forgot hold the line

    • Ty for catching that 🙂