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Counter Companions

Counter Companions

Jun 25, 2013

ltpscSatyrs got you down?   Stingtails have more sting then you were expecting?  Then it is time to train a counter companion!  

Counters– The purpose of these units is to eat up a hard enemy’s epics so other units may safely attack it. (A hard enemy is any enemy with many epics that threaten other units on your team, usually a boss.)  These units need to either be able to take a hit or dodge well.  It helps if your counter unit can attack the hard enemy first so they trigger the epics instead of a more fragile unit.

As enemies in game become stronger and have more epics, counter units are becoming more important.  Now what epics do counter units have? (Rank 2 or higher preferred for all epics)

Melee counters– First strike and either riposte or vengeance strike.   Which of the latter you pick will depend on if the companion usually dodges or is hit.

Range counters– Quick draw and true grit.  Because musketeers have the lowest dodge don’t bother training return fire.

Magic counters– Witch hunter.  Witch hunter is such a powerful counter (because it also reduces the damage the enemy would deal) you really don’t need to bother with any other magic counter and best yet it can be trained on non-magic units unlike the other counters.

Remember that quick draw and first strike deal less damage than a normal attack while riposte, vengeance strike, and true grit deal more. While it is easier to get a quick draw and first strike hit from an enemy attack if the enemy has a rank 2 epic from one of the other 3 your unit may end up on the losing side of that chain.

Using a counter unit:  The best way to use a melee or range counter is to have them attack an enemy with a lot of epics with the counter unit first.  This lets your other units with epics like burst fire and relentless safely attack it.  Using a magic counter is a bit trickier though.  The best way is to use a witch hunter is to take advantage of your enemy’s improved mojo blast.  Witch doctor enemies will avoid attacking companions with witch hunter directly if they can.  By putting  another companion next to it so to attack the other companion requires attacking the witch hunter (and makes sure the enemy is within the hunter’s attack range).


Have fun slaying some Satyrs ^_^