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Companion101 Contest Winners!

Companion101 Contest Winners!

Aug 24, 2013

Our recent Pirates contest has wrapped out, and we have quite a few winners!


1st: Humble Adam de bouff with his Nightmare companion. – A very creative companion, we all loved it very much! Here it is for everyone to see.

2nd: Mythern103 with his One-Eyed Stacy companion. – The cousin to the elusive One-Eyed Jack seemed like a fantastic idea, and it was a very excellent drawing too!

One-eyed Stacy
3rd: toffeecakes103 with his Tun Dara companion, shown in it’s 2nd promotion.

4th: Katalina with her Mouse Marauder companion

5th: GoombaPlaysMC64 with his Crimson Flying Onion companion. – Flying onions.. can you get more creative than that? 🙂


Plant dude

Our winners from the random drawing contest were as followed:

Tanner H
Shae Kindle
Nesha Moore
All the entries were great, and it was very hard deciding a top five, you all did fantastic! Thank you for entering!

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