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Closing Time

Closing Time

Jun 13, 2015

With regret we have to announce the Mercenaries for Charter is temporarily closed for in-game help requests. With summer jobs/internships, preparation for college, and general lack of game updates, many of our mercenaries have simply had their priorities elsewhere recently, and we’ve let our responses on our help thread slide. While we hate to do so, we have to concede that our remaining pirate players simply aren’t available often enough (and at the peak hours for requests) to be able to help with the requests as the community deserves. Additionally, since by and large people have made it through the content by now, there are very few requests posted anymore, and it’s become a disproportionate amount of effort to check for requests several times a day and cross our fingers that one of the few remaining mercenaries is available when needed.


To that end, until there is new game update we are temporarily suspending our help services. HOWEVER, we will not be suspending our fansite activites! Our remaining mercenaries are continuing to quest through the game on alternate characters as their schedules allow, and will be posting guides on dungeons and bosses that we haven’t addressed yet, in hopes that it will help you take on these challenges on your own. We still hope to bring you contests and the occasional NXP party as well. And if/when there is another content update, we’ll be right there testing bosses, posting guides, and hopefully opening back up for services as more people need help.
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Thanks, everyone, and until we can help you again, we’ll see you in the Skyways!