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Companion Probabilities

Is this really a ‘guide’, probably not. More of a tool for advance players (with some fun stuff mixed in) so it assumes you have 16+ companions. The comp # is where that companion appears in your line up (e.g. 4 is the 4th companion). Every column after it is the percent chance of that companion appearing in a battle during the period of time listed. The per battle to per month are the more useful ones, the other were just for fun. I put the ‘battles per day’ at ten as this is meant for more advance players (who tend to play alot). I will consider changing it if enough people want me to. (Notes on the math are below the chart.) Assumptions and Methods. To get the equation used I plugged the % values of companion 2 to 15 into excel and fit it with a exponential decay function (as that is the one that fits best and makes the most sense). I then used that formula to calculate the chance of other companions (#16+) appearing. Take the numbers with a grain of salt. It is the best I could do given only 14 rather imprecise (+/- 0.5%) data points so the error is rather large. Probability formula: y=(1-(1-x)^n) x=chance of appearing per battle, as a decimal from 0 to 1 n= number of battles over that period of time y= chance of appearing over the period of time, as a decimal from 0 to 1 x and y where translated into percentage after the calculations were...

So ye want to be a Captain?

So ye want to be a Captain?

Aug 26, 2012

What would a captain be without a crew? Here are some quick tips for working with your companions.