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Arrrrgust Caption Craze Contest!

Arrrrgust Caption Craze Contest!

Aug 18, 2014

Big shoutout to KingsIsle for graciously allowing us to host a contest during the Arrrrgust celebrations and for the prizes offered in this contest!!

To celebrate this fantastic month and all that it’s had in store for us, do we have THE contest for you!

In Pirate101, there are a million moments that are worth a picture. Funny companion faces, riding around on your Pennyfarthing with your shades on, or charging head first into the mazes of the Labyrinth, there are plenty of picture-worthy moments for all us pirates to experience. Therefore, your task for this contest is quite easy!

Pick your favorite Pirate101 picture, and create a caption for it! It can be a funny caption, a serious caption, a silly caption, or any kind of caption you feel fits the picture. We ask the captions be appropriate, please.

Here is an example of what we want! (We also love funny pictures, so enjoy :D)

“Two heads are always better than one!”

Genetic Mutation


This contest will start on August 18th and run until the 25th of August (or Arrrrgust if you are a TRUE pirate!) at midnight Pacific Daylight Time. Please EMAIL YOUR ENTRIES toย  Makeย sure your entry includes a pirate101 picture, a caption of that picture, and either your pirate name or a community name.

As part of the Arrrgust festiveness, we have some awesome prizes for you!


1st: Hoodoo Bundle and 10k Crowns
2nd – 4th: 5k crowns and Hoodoo Cornelius Companion
5th and 6th: 5k crowns
7th – 12th: 1k Crowns and Witchdoctor Lab Housing Item
13th – 16th: 1k Crowns

We hope you enjoy this Caption Craze contest, and we hope to see the best pictures and best captions you can do!

  • Ghost Dog (@LoganMistSpear)

    Arrrgh! I’m watching ya moving with my 2 head you li’l Pirate!

    Smart Logan West

  • Stephanie

    I knew I shouldn’t have drank anything Ratbeard gave me!!!

  • andrew fuller

    i am the son of the famous orthrus

  • Cameron

    did you guys not read? you’re supposed to post and caption your OWN pictures XD

  • Caroline Leach

    Lasko: I shouldnt have trusted Ratbeard he’s such a rat!

    • Caroline Leach

      Vanessa Ire

  • Deiago

    “Its Facebook all over again

  • Nico Teodosio

    What is this thing? You run faster when you don’t talk so stop talking!

    • Nico Teodosio

      Bloody Caleb Ashford

  • Devin conner

    i told you monkey i do not like indians

  • Devin conner

    i told you monkey i do not like indian’s

  • aidan

    Wow Rat Beard can dance.

  • aidan

    wow Rat Beard can really dance

  • Guest

    Santa Clause? Nah, Santa Frogs.

    • Elijahman


      Level 41 Swashbuckler

      • aidan

        how did you know

        • Elijahman

          Because i am Elijahman, just logged into afterwards

  • rock982f765

    ratbeard: all the other characters in game are lame
    karo: ribbit
    ratbeard: um?
    ratbeard: yu see pure lameness

  • Raven Mcmillan

    I told him not to eat those rotten bananas! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • nesogra

    For those posting in the comments… First please submit your entry via EMAIL. Second you are supposed to PROVIDE your OWN picture. Though I have to say Seffers that picture looks very familiar ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jacob Steel

    Here’s my entry:

    Why won’t this door open?

    I’ve been running into for hours, shouldn’t I be outside by now?

    The joke is the fact that to go into buildings in P101, you run into the doors ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Seth Vint

    Hey, is it possible to change my entry for this contest before the deadline or is the one I already sent in the one and done deal? Thanks in advance.

  • Shallow Melody Dove

    Does this kimono make my butt look big?

  • Guest

    Banana’s Covered me

  • Guest

    Banana’s covered me

  • gabriel

    do you need a blanket

  • Ethan Pulvermacher

    i forgot what i was going to say

  • Guest

    My guy is the best looking character. Gotta love blondes.

    • DBT

      Yeah kinda

  • Max Ricci

    I think she is the coolest of the class trainers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ???

    Hello guys i dont have a piture but i need crowns pppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • DBT

    Now this is real witch doctor style

  • DBT


  • Nathaniel Bedassie

    Can we send multiple pics

  • Not Maren

    Wow, Jared, what awesome stats you have. especially for a level 13.

  • Ghost Dog (@LoganMistSpear)

    Winners are?