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A Spot of Tea

A Spot of Tea

Jun 12, 2015

Before you can go to Marleybone, you’ll need to do a favour for the Ambassador to MooShu. MooShu has suspended the tea trade, and no one is happy about it. If you can manage to recover some tea to ship to Marleybone during the crisis, the Ambassador will be kind enough to give you access to her home world. Looks like it’s tea time!


Head on over to Khotan Skyway, and stop your ship at the Kita Dock. Travel straight ahead in to Sujimura Village and over to the Scarlet Orchid Tea Room. Make sure to come with full mojo potions, you’re likely to need them!


Many of the battles in this dungeon involve cheats that summons traps or additional enemies, so the battleboard can fill up quickly. For this reason, it may actually be easier to take this dungeon on alone than to do it with a group.

Once you’re  prepared, enter the dungeon and fight your way through to gather the much sought-after tea!

Floor one

The only cheat on this floor is quite simple. On his turn each round, the Yakooza Lieutenant will cast Hoodoo Touch one one player or companion. You will mostly be facing melee enemies, so bring companions that are prepared to counter them.

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The enemy will always appear on this floor. Since he casts Hoodoo Touch each round, he only acts as a melee enemy when his talents are activated.

TeaRoom1Swash3 TeamRoom1Swash2 TeamRoom1Buc


Floor two

In this battle, when their turn begins the musketeers enemies musks will summon five traps in an X pattern. This can cause problems when you try to move your melee companions across the board. Your Musketeer companions, however, still have a line of sight through the traps, and so we recommend using musketeer companion for this battle. Take out the musketeer enemies as soon as possible to minimize the traps clogging up the board.


The board at the beginning of the first round.


The board at the beginning of round 2, already quickly filling up with traps.


Three of these enemies appear in the battle, more if you have multiple pirates in the battle.

You may also encounter….



If one of these necromancers appears in your battle, they will summon a skeletal warrior with approximately 1200 on their turn each round. More information on these can be found in the section on Floor Three.


Floor three

On the third floor, you will encounter a number of Yakooza Necromancers. Each necromancer summons a skeletal warrior end of each round. These warriors are buccaneers, and will attack each round after the original enemies have finished their turns. You may also encounter more of the Yakooza Musketeers you met on the prior floor, and they will continue to play their traps on this floor as well.


While the musketeers can fill up the board with traps, the necromancer will fill it with enemies that you still need to kill after they die. For that reason, we recommend taking out the necromancers first, then focusing on the musketeers. Musketeers companions are great here because not only can they reach witchdoctors from a long distance, they can see through any traps a Yakooza Musketeers may play.




As on the first floor, this enemy will cast Hoodoo Touch each round as his attack.


Floor four

The fourth floor is home to a Yakooza Scribe and some Yakooza Acolytes as well as at least one other enemy from the previous floors (usually a Necromancer or Musketeer). Thankfully, neither the Scribes or the Acolytes cheats, so you will likely only have one enemy who cheats in this battle. While a musketeer companion may certainly be useful here to help deal with the cheating enemy, feel free to use any companions that you enjoy. Regardless of which companions you choose, make sure to take out the cheaters first.


A nice clean board at the beginning of the battle; the sooner you take out the cheaters, the more open your board will remain.




A small amount of wisps will appear after this battle, so take the chance to regenerate your health if you need to!

Floor five – SATO!

Finally, you’ve reached Sato! It seems he’s heard about all the damage you’ve done to his cronies on the way up, because he’s a little scared of you… every time takes any damage, he’ll teleport away!


Note the battle directive at the top, and also note that there are barries along the middle of the board. In order to make sure that you have Sato in range at most times, quickly move your companions to the squares that are open in the middle of the board.

Thankfully, the directive for this battle is not to defeat all the enemies, you need only defeat Sato. Since Sato teleports away at the of any sequence in which he is hit, so you want to get the most value for every attack you can do, and you also want to trigger as many attacks on him as possible. To accomplish this, if can be useful to buff up your companions are the beginning to make your attacks more powerful. Companions with guaranteed critical hit talents can be useful, and skills such as relentless and burst fire will also be allowed to trigger before he teleports away. As well, companions who have skills that trigger as enemies approach or attack them (such as overwatch and first strike) can be quite useful.  Placing traps and fire can also be a solid strategy. Make your intentional attacks count, and maximize the number of powers that can be activated when Sato gets near any of your companions.

As always, we’ve got some old friends joining us in this battle. Watch out for the Lieutenant’s Hoodoo Touch, as well as all the extra mobs spawned by that pesky Necromancer!


“Escape Artist” is just a fancy way of saying he’s terrified of you.




Congratulations! Once you’ve defeated Sato, go and get your free pass to Marleybone, but be careful once you get there. That place has really gone to the dogs.