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20 Heads Are Better Than 1

20 Heads Are Better Than 1

Nov 22, 2013

Late into the Aquila storyline you will be asked to fight a boss known as the Hydra. You need the chain that binds him as it is uniquely powerful… and as it turns out, that’s for a very good reason, as the Hydra has him special powers himself. This is a very unique and challenging boss fight.

You start off fighting 4 heads:

Hydra Overview

Ebon (black)


Scarlet (Red)


Amethyst (Purple)


Cobalt (Light Blue)



The Ebon Head is the main head that you need to defeat. Once that head dies, the battle is over. But there’s just one smal problem.

Ebon Head Sink


Once the Ebon Head takes a certain amount of damage it will disappear. To get it to return you will need to kill one head of each color. Once you do that the Ebon Head will reappear and you can do more damage to it. After you’ve done some damage, the Ebon head will again disappear. Then you rinse and repeat.


Various Cheats

Each head has a unique cheat that activates under certain conditions.

The Ebon Head’s cheat works like a combination of True Grit and Vengeance Strike. It activates whenever it is hit. When it is hit it will poison the unit that attacked it, so be prepared to take some damage back when attacking the Ebon head.

The Scarlet head’s cheat will activate when you, an ally, or a companion moves into a square adjacent to this head. When this happens it will trigger a fire defense, and it will spit fire it the general direction of the person who went near it.



The Cobalt head has the most annoying cheat in my opinion. This activates each time the head takes damage. When it does it will use an ice wall that goes in the direction which it was hit from. The ice walls are obstacles that you can neither walk over nor see past.

Ice Wall

The Amethyst head’s cheat triggers when attacked by a companion or player. It is called Lightning Strike. It is basically a First Strike power that will always activate when attacked by melee OR ranged unit, and fire in a straight line.

Whenever a head is killed, two more heads of that color will spawn to take it’s place, though they will be weaker in terms of both health and damage. This can make the battle quite crowded and can quickly turn into a situation like the one below. It also makes it much faster to kill one head of each color in order to make the Ebon head return… but if the board is overly crowded you may have trouble getting BACK to the Ebon head in order to damage it.

Many Heads



For this fight I recommend using a versatile team. Full melee companions are not a good idea due to the crowdedness of the board (especially late in the battle). However, full ranged companions is not a good idea either. Both the Amethyst and Cobalt head have powers that will block line of sight, so you could easily get trapped and unable to reach your target.

Due to these consideration, I recommend choosing a strong ranged companion (Bonnie Anne for example) and 2 melee companions. The initial few turns of the fight will be the most difficult as that is when the heads are at their strongest. First, damage the Ebon Head until it disappears. After that, you want to take down the original heads as soon as possible. Once the heads start dying they will be less of a threat as their health and damage will decrease each time.

Try to avoid killing the heads unless it is necessary or the board will quickly get out of control. If you keep these strategies in mind, you should have that chain in your hands in no time!

Eventually when the Ebon head dies you will win the fight. You recieve a nifty new badge as a reward for this feat.

Hydra DefeatHydra Badge